Canadian Tire Regent St Sudbury Location


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My experience...

August 2nd 2011, I took my 2002 explorer to get two new tires
installed on the rear. When talking with the service supervisor,
the person who booked my order, I specified 235/70r16. He took
my vehicle ownership info, made the work order, and told me the
price. I questioned him on why the price was different than i
expected? He replied that i saw the "starting from" price and since
my size was bigger it cost more. I re-itterated that i thought there
was a problem and he re-assured me he was correct. I took his word
for it, signed the order, waited for the tire change, paid, and left.

Driving through the city was fine, but when I entered the highway the
vehicle started to vibrate and the 4x4 transfer case sounded like it was
going to explode and tear out of the truck. I pulled over and inspected
things and all seemed ok. Tried again with same thing. Drove 30km
home at about 30km/hr (did not happen at the slower speed) on shoulder
and looked at the vehicle again. This is when I noticed they put 255/70r16
tires on. My explorer is always in auto mode and can't be turned off so when
it detected slip between the front and back tires at the faster speeds,
because the front tires are spinning faster than the back, it continually tried
to engage in 4x4.

I called the store and the supervisor who put in the w.o insisted that he
installed the correct size tire and that someone else must have previosly
changed the tire size. No apollogy. He said that if i took the tires off
myself and brought them in he would change for tire size i wanted.
Thats what I did. When I got to the store the supervisor approached
me right away and said that he could only re-install my old tires and
refund my money. Remember he has cost me an extra trip to town and
did who knows what kind of damage to my transfer case. No apollogy.
Instead he denies that I even asked for 235/70r16 size and that it is not
the correct size, so he would have origionally refused me the service if
that were now I'm a liar whith a damaged truck.

Out of options I go home and re-install my old tires. I look at the sticker
inside my drivers door and it clearly states the tire size to be as I
instructed. Now I'm really upset. A wasted afternoon, a damaged transfer
case, no tires, and I was labelled a liar in front of other customers.

I called the service manager and he supported his supervisor. Finally he
put me on hold and checked the internet and sure enough found a
discrepancy in the system and in fact I WAS CORRECT.

He offered no apollogies, laughed that there may be damage to my truck,
but would install the tires if i went back again and give me a $50 gift card.

I called the customer service hotline and it is currently in their hands.
The operator stated that there would be NO MONETARY RESOLUTION
or compensation. They may asses the complaint and respond with
performing an ispection of the transfer case but they have to fully review
my complaint. I am currently waiting a return phone call to determine if
there will be resolution.

In the last two days I have been doing some digging and apparently this location has an insurance adjuster respond to 5 to 6 claims a week for service like this. This was the REGENT ST SOUTH-END location in Sudbury Ontario. BEWARE...Stay away from this store!!!