Never shop Canadian tire Regent Ave Winnipeg


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Wow I can't believe I'm doing this but after my experience I want customers to be aware of senior management, the owners behavior and the run around I got.

In March 2015 we purchased a lawnmower (yard works) from Canadian Tire on Regent Ave. we used it for the first time on May 9,2015 worked good, I used it again on May 23,2015 however after a few minutes the lawn mower started making a funny noise. I shut it down tiled the mower forward and the blade came flying off hitting my fence.

I picked up the blade and noticed the bolt that holds the blade on was split in half, I returned to Canadian Tire on May 25,2015 and was told they would sent it out for repair.

June 1, 2015 I received a call my lawn mower was ready for pick up, I head down to the store, pick it up and it doesn't work.

I return to the store on June 2, 2015 and explain to the CSA that I just picked up the mower and it doesn't work. She calls a manager over who calls the GM ROB PETKOU over. Rob looks at the mower he tells me I must have run over a stump or boulders and that damaged the blade. I tried to explain to Rob that we don't have stumps or boulders in our yard, the blade flu off and hit the inside of the mower and my fence ....I even gave him my address s he could look at the property himself....Robs words to me "we aren't responsible for the damage its your problem, we won't fix it or refund your money" and walked away. Customers came up to me in disbelief on how I was treated. The young boy who carried the mower back to my vehicle said he was sorry.
I was so upset at how I was treated I phoned customer service the same day, I heard nothing until I called July 8, 2015. After a lenghly conversation the CSA asked if I could hold while she contacts the owner of the store...when she comes back on the line she informs me the owner willl be in the store between 7am and 5pm the next day, he was going to take care of it for me
I go back to the regent store at 10am ask for the owner only to find out he's not in. The young lady behind the counter calls a manager, I inform him arrangements were made for me to see the owner today as well I took pictures of my property and showed him there were no stumps or boulders....he looks at the pictures, rolls his eyes and tells me he needs to talk to the GM. NOW IM UPSET I call customer service and explain to them what is taking place in the store. The manager offers me a credit towards a lawn mower...of course we have already purchased a new lawn mower. He tells me that's all he can do for me...I'm telling CS what's happening as its all going on...all of a sudden he calls Rob the GM and he tells him to refund me my money minus the Canadian Tire money lol.
I was totally disrespected, treated like a total inconvienience from day one and basically called a lair....when I showed them pics of my yard they rolled their eyes. In the end I got my money back however, Canadian Tire isn't what it use to be, they are dishonest, treat customers very poorly and obviously don't want our business. I will never shop Canadian Tire again, at the end of the day only the floor employees apologized not once did a manager ever say sorry for what happened...they got caught trying to rip me off and didn't have enough balls to say I'm sorry.
Things could have been worse I could have tilted the lawn mower the other way and lost my ankles...I'm thankful for that. Managers are leaders in a company, when employees behave better then managers or managers leave their floor employees to deal with these situations while they run back to their office that tells me everything I need to know on how the business is being run.....poor leadership results in a very poor run business CANADIAN TIRE ON REGENT WINNIPEG isn't a place you want to shop....Trust Me.
Wow, I heard lots of horror stories about Crappy Tire's despicable 'repair only', no-return policy, but I'd assumed they would actually fix the crap they suckered you into buying.