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We have a 1967 Car which we brought in to have some guages installed and some lights hard wired in, and a chrome altenator put on which I purchased at Lordco. We were also told that one set of our bushings were done, and needed replacing, and we had to prepay for the parts, and all of the labour which was over $600.00, and told it would be 5 weeks as parts were coming in from California. When we picked up the car, there was a new house key on my key chain, and when I went to start my car I noticed that my key was bent / broke in half (original key), and the ashtray had a dent in it as well as scratches angled above on the dash. There was a red switch that had been taken out of its packaging, and two extension wires about a foot long were attached to it, and laid on the back seat, as well as the chrome bracket for the altenator was on the seat. I had already paid the receipt, and had paid for the installation of the wiring, of the guages, and the altenator. I went back in, and asked about the key. Initially the manager had said that they must have just given me a freebe, but now said that because they damaged my key, that it was a replacement. When I told him about the damage, he told me not to worry, that he would take care of everything, and get me a replacement ashtray. Days later when I went in to inquire about why I had paid for the lights, guages, and altenator which was not completely installed, he credited my back $200.00 of the $800.00, and said that it would be completed as soon as the bushings and ash tray (which was coming from California as well, and was going to cost him $200+ to replace) were in.
A few days later, our car was parked in front of our work vehicle, when it would not start up again. A $60.00 tow truck bill later, the car started right up after being boosted, however due to the delay, missed the work trip that we had been scheduled to do.
Our car from that point on, refused to carry any sort of a charge, and we lost use of lights, and had to have it boosted every time we wanted to start it; all due to the altenator.
8 weeks later, I was told that the auto manager had quit with no notice, and that the assistant manager would now being rectifying the situation.
we are now at month 4, and not only did my bushings never come on, but neither did the ashtray. At the managers request, we took in all the information regarding a replacement dash, ignition and door lock replacement, new ashtray replacement, and the costs of all of the inconviences. However we have now been told that nothing is going to be done, and that I am the crook for requesting these things to be done. I am told that my reciept, because it did not have a till print out with it, was not actually considered proof of payment, and that I did not in actual fact pay for the over $600.00 worth of work.
The employers at CT all had apologized for the former managers lack of customer service, rolling their eyes at the mention of him, and admiting that he was a liar and weird. The manager said that he had quit by sending and email and not returning from a vacation home, but that she was happy about it because he was not good at his job, but NOW, they are adamant that he did not pocket the cash that we paid the bill with, and revert the invoice back to quote.... They admitted that they looked at the tapes, and they could see that we did exchange something with him, but they could not verify that it was money, so therefore it was not money?!?
The actual owner, although I have requested it numerous times, has never called me. The customer service rep said that he knew when he called me to discuss my request to escalate my request to rectify, that he would not be able to do anything to resolve the issue, but called anyway, and then promised that someone that could do something would call me within the next week. That was a month ago.
I am out $1400.00 in services and parts that I have receipts for that I did not recieve, and over a thousand dollars in parts that need to be replaced, and have not even so much as found out who did the damage, how it was done, and why none of the work was finished. So, I think that I have a pretty good case, but if anyone has advice or information on how to ensure that justice is upheld, I welcome all info and words of advice.
The CT in quesiton is located in Surrey BC, on King George and 102 Ave.