Stephen B.: Went in for an oil change before a big work trip, Canadian tire put one of their "tested" oil filters on my car, 8 hours into my trip my car's turbo was completely destroyed and i was stranded in the middle of Saskatchewan in -25C weather. After avoiding freezing to death, Canadian tire would not back up any of their work, causing me to miss my work. Year and a half later and i still haven't financially recovered from their blunder. So you can take my word for it, Canadian Tire provides the best products that will utterly destroy and ruin your life in Canada. Words cannot describe the anger I have towards this company.

Stephen B.: Negative experience? I could have died! And Yeah, I contacted customer service a year and a half ago, opened a case file and everything. Without even looking at the vehicle, your auto department insisted that they had nothing to do with it, and the damage was my own problem to deal with. I find it rather insulting that you suggest i try that all over again, based on the obviously fake notion that you now intend to help. To who ever is writing these responses, I hope you can sleep at night, after lying to so many people in the comment section of Canadian Tire's false ad campaign.
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Sharon G.:

What can I say? Canadian Tire Nanaimo is a big joke and a let down to your name as a business as a whole.
So this mess all started July 4th. My husband Gary Grewal was out with our Son in Nanaimo running errands and decided to get an oil change done at your Nanaimo store....Fine. We got it done. We live in Parksville so he brings the car home that night fine...(Pretty much right after they got it done) Sunday the car was running OK, (my husbands a truck driver by trade so I go drop him off to Ladysmith every Sunday's). Monday I then take it to work....I work in Nanoose, I was at work late that day & got off at about 12.15 am at night, driving down a dark country road (North West Bay Rd) the car starts stalling on me making very strange noises....All the while I'm praying to God that it will get me home as I live 20 minutes away and have no one here to call....The car was BAD, the engine was screeching (and the engine light came on) I was terrified....Luckily I made it home and decide to start the car up the next afternoon (remember my hubby's on the mainland) & I still need to get to work...& the kids are off for Summer and wanted to do a Timmy's run that day, so I start the engine and it's not only blowing black smoke but the engines still screeching and the cars shaking.....I run over to my neighbor who checks the oil and the dipstick comes out all thick & cruddy (he's a mechanic) and he go's I think you need to change the oil to which I replied we did just this past Saturday....(It's Tuesday 7th July now) so I call Gary (hubby) on the mainland & tell him whats going on, he tells me to go get the receipt and yes he got it done alright by Canadian Tire that Saturday & he calls them.......GUESS WHAT.....THEY PUT IN THE WRONG OIL!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY WERE THE ONES WHO ADMITTED IT RIGHT OFF THE BAT!!!!!!
It has now been OVER 2 Weeks!!!! WE HAVE NO CAR!!!! We got it towed & it's sitting at the GM dealership & the mechanics there RIGHT AWAY diagnosed the car with "wrong oil used" that's why the TURBO's gone on it & we'll have to pay between $4-5000!!!!!! We didn't even tell them anything about the whole Canadian Tire thing!!! They said that's what it was by themselves!!!!
We went to Canadian Tire (Nanaimo) armed with all this info this past Saturday only to be laughed out of the office by the service manager JERRY......WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!! So we've had no car for OVER 2 WEEKS & don't still know WHO'S GOING TO BE PAYING FOR THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TODAY (in the morning) my husband received a call from the store owner TODAYYYY!!???!!!!!!! And he said he wasn't aware of anything (not a huge surprise considering how stupid & incompetent Jerry is). He said he'd call back but still has not...............
WE HAVE CONTACTED CHECK NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WARNING:- DO NOT WE REPEAT DO NOT GET YOUR OIL CHANGED AT CANADIAN TIRE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is getting absolutely ridiculous!! All we are getting from your employees at the Nanaimo store is the run around....! Your service manager is the biggest liar out there!
Monday my husband received a call from the Nanaimo store owner who said he didn't know anything about this whole fiasco and then never called back and then ye...
I just changed old from CT and now I'm getting scared. Do I need to bring the car to another garage for re-doing it? The oil look darker than oil change from my usual garage and only filled to MIN line.
Screwed up oil changes are their specialty. Be thankful they even put the plug back in, so you didn't lose all the oil on the ride home and seize your engine (happens more than you'd think).

It would be worth it to spend $30-$40 to have the oil re-done, just for the peace of mind.

Count your blessings and never go there again, same with their crappy stores!
Wow, I can feel all the anger in this forum! Obviously, Canadian Tire did a very bad job, enough to make me want to come here and complain about them too!
The mechanics they hire are clearly incompetent. My bad Oil change job isn't as bad as what I see here, but it just says the same thing... incompetence!
The guy who changed my oil (can't say he's a mechanic), over tightened my oil pan bolt. It was on with about 3 times times the correct torque. That just proves he had NO IDEA of how much pressure a screw should have, let alone how to use a torque wrench. I normally do my own oil changes, but that was a particularly cold day and I just wanted to have it done for me.