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My wife bought this product almost a year ago. It never worked correctly. We have so many unnecessary holes because of it's inaccuracy. I decided to give it one last chance today when I was installing a hose reel. I would of been better off guessing. So, wondering what I have for options. I'm so tired of buying terrible merchandise.

I'm contemplating going to Canadian tire and beating a few workers silly with my stud finder, but I suppose it's not their fault. : ) I'm sure CT won't do much for me, but I'm at the point I'd be happy just being a major pain in their ass. I did happen to google the 400 and noticed a recall on these in 2009. I'm sure the problem was fixed when we purchased this particular model though.

So, what do I have for options in getting this replaced, refunded, or just being a total pain in the ass to Canadian Tire and doing some minor rep damage..

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You've identified a number of Crappy Tire's horrible flaws:

- they procure crap, which guarantees a lot of unhappy customers (check out Facebook!)

- have you tried returning it for a refund? It's at the store's discretion, but they might do it. But, their Crappy policy doesn't require them to. See https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...pair-only-warranty-no-refund-no-exchange.html.

- If you'd bought it at just about any other store, you'd have gotten a refund. See this thread: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...ing-unwanted-goods-ct-has-worst-policies.html But you messed up & bought it at CT - Oh-Oh!

- The product doesn't have an obvious flaw, so it would be hard to prove that it doesn't do it's job. It might be a one-off defect, or the design might not work with any of them. The finder might have had an "exchange only" policy in the beginning, but it's now been too long (at Costco you'd be OK, among others).

- Instead of violence, consider a lawsuit under the Misrepresentation clause of the Consumer Protection Act.

- Count your blessings. Many customers have lost big bucks on treadmills, swimming pools, ATV's, and other pricey goods. Your lesson was fairly cheap!

There are several things you could do, short of violence, in response to this:

- Join the growing movement to boycott Crappy Tire. One person won't make a difference, but thousands can (and we seem to be getting there!).

- Tell all your friends and co-workers and neighbours about the terrible policies and crappy products that Crappy Tire sells. Many people still think of them as the great store Crappy used to be, and aren't aware of the changes. Certainly Crappy ain't advertising it! In fact, they deny it1

- Post your stories here, and on their Facebook page (see this thread: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...ints-https-www-facebook-com-canadiantire.html)

And remember: their slogan isn't really, "Bring it On". No, it's really "Don't Bring It Back"!
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Since when does Canadian Tire produce Stanley products??

Nobody said that Crappy Tire produces the crappy products.

Only that they procure products that are crappy, stock them on their shelves, sell them to unsuspecting customers, collect information about how crappy the items are, then refuse to provide reasonable refunds, and then continue to procure and sell the crap.