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I have used CT for quite awhile but now have learned to despise them. Tried to return a defective battery today for a new one, was a 12 month free exchange but I was 1 month out. Battery would not accept a charge and my smart charger kept indicating it was a bad battery.

Used the battery maybe 5 times since purchase and always kept it fully charged while not in use. The Belleville store whereI purchased would not exchange for free, had to pay the warranty costs for a new one almost 60 after tax. They couldn't provide me with a fully charged replacement as well. The issue arose when they were bench testing the old batter and came to the conclusion that a cell was bad to which I replied" I already told you that" and was instantly cut off by "Sylvan" asking how was the battery kept while not in use.

He was dealing with another customer but had to begin arguing with me on why the cell went bad how it should be maintained etc, to which I replied "I don't want to argue" but he insisted on continuing the argument by replying " I should know how these things are built and how they last" etc. Again I replied I just want to exchange the battery and not argure, he kept going on and on like my sentence in front of his customer many others on how I'm an idiot and it's not coming from his paycheck?

I was dumbfounded, never been treated and berated before by an employee of a store where I spend hundreds of dollars. I'm wondering if it's worth calling the store manger or head office and complaining about this employees demeanor and attitude when it comes to dealing with current customers?

Would you complain ?? I almost want to let it go but he has me in a awful mood on how I was treated in that store. Thanks.
Hi, welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your experiences.

Personally, I believe that customers are under no obligation whatsoever to provide any feedback to a business, in order to help the business do better. Management is paid to supervise employees, and the public should not be expected to do their jobs for them. If they aren't willing to train and supervise their own staff properly, then poor customer service will result, and potential customers will be lost.

However, you may see some personal benefits to escalating your complaint. It might make you feel better to describe these events to someone who is in a position to correct the situation. But this might also just re-victimize you, if they again take advantage of your vulnerability.

Statistically, the majority of people, especially polite Canadians, will simply 'take' the poor service and 'vote with their wallets', by taking their business elsewhere. The only people who will criticize you, are they types who will give you poor service in the first place, and then blame you for it.

You could take a chance, to see if you get any money back. You might get an apology, a gift card, and the chance to see this employee walked out the door.

Or, you might just get berated again, for being a 'bad' customer.

While you decide, you might wish to peruse this thread, where a large number of similar stories are also preserved. It might give you a better sense of your odds:


If it's OK with you, I'd like to add your story to the growing stack of warnings.
By all means and thanks for the words of encouragement. Escalated it to head office and filed a complaint, now store manager called and left message but is away till Friday. I will speak to her than.