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I have had more than my fair share of problems dealing with CTC over the years ... but I've also had good experiences. As I read these forums, I have to say that it's a bit disgruntling to read the ill will between users and the CT employees who post here. One thing that both sides do seem to forget ... The very TITLE of this site "Canadian Tire Sucks" is going to bring people who have an axe to grind with them, so the reviews are NOT going to be very balanced!

All that's not to say that CT doesn't deserve the reputation it garners. The one thing that does show is the desire to discount the customer's negative experiences "Every store does it", "Customer expects too much" and so on. The important thing that CT and its employees need to remember is that just because other stores may be as bad as their organisation is NOT licence to do it themselves.

One thread mentioned that while waiting for a price check, their order was cancelled and the next customer processed. The correct procedure is to explain to the customer "It will take a few minutes. I will proceed with the next customer while we are waiting if you don't mind."

The worst experiences I've had were with the oil change and tire people. The oil changers kept trying to upsell me when all I asked for was an oil change and even went so far as to sample other fluids and tell me they were bad after telling them NOT to touch anything but the things needed for the oil change.

Tires ... new tires not inflated ... wrong size tires put on TWICE in a row on the same wheel! Symptoms of too much hurrying and not enough quality assurance.

Product quality has declined, much like other retailers ... SO MUCH is second rate product brought from China. One pair of brake disk rotors actually delaminated from rust.

On the flip side, they've mostly delivered what I needed. My local store has had a big improvement lately with employees behaviour towards customers.

There are a lot of people mostly satisfied with CT ... they don't post here! All that said, the fact that there are enough complaints about CT, it's definitely time they upped their game and put customer first.