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i just had my 1st try on bringing my car to canadian tire yesterday...i am just supposed to change my tires but payed $188!! everything has a price, even the wheel balancing which is normally included when you change you tire service, each tire cost $20 each while others that i know only charge $10-12.
and whats more they told me 2 tires was so wore off and can explode any moment, but why the hell they installed it if is was unusable?? so i have no choice but to get another tires ($36 each)and the person want me to charge another $40 for removing the 2 wore off again.. after i arque with the guy, he decided to just lift it off... THIS WILL BE MY LAST, I WILL NOT GO TO ANY CANADIAN TIRE AUTO SERVICE ANYMORE.. EVERYTHING HAS FEE AND SH!T IF THEY CAN CHARGE ME FOR THEIR COOFEE THEY WILL. i should have listen to all negative feedback i thought it was by branch not in general. but i was wrong it was indeed in general.. and one more thing, i saw like 16-18 yrs old mechanic that made me feel nervous in this branch. not sure how many of them with that age