Terrible CS when returning defective thermostat (Sudbury, ON)


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Let me start off by telling people not to buy any Garrison product (not sure if its only CT that sells this junk).
I bought a thermostat for my gas furnace on a typical CT sale when they show it as 70% off crap etc... The packaging looked shady and dirty, like it was stolen of some transport truck in the middle of the night. Something was telling not to buy this awesome Garrison thermostat but I did that ANYWAY! I brought it home, put the batteries in, the thing turned on, and everything looked peachy. By default It was showing temperature in Fahrenheit, which I thought is not a big deal and I will change it in the settings after the installation.
Hooked up the wiring, mounted on the wall, time to read the operating instructions to set the settings.
For pete's sake! you have to hold the reset button in the back and two buttons in the front to set it to Celsius! Well ok, lets do that!
I probably spent another 30 minutes trying every possible combination of fingers to switch the damn thing to Celsius scale but NO! none of the instructions in the manual that explain how to do that work. That's it! I am taking it back. Took it of the wall, put it back in original packaging, original receipt (returning on the same day I bought) put in my back up and decided to bike back to the store since it was really nice outside.
As soon as I came in I went straight to the CS bench, not entering the main store (those sections are separated), wait in line for my turn. CS rep call me over, some young girl. I explain my situation with this piece of garbage in a very friendly and humorous manner while she is standing there all serious and proceeds by asking my phone #! Well OK, gave my number, she punches it in, stares at the monitor for a minute acting all serious like I am trying to return a lung transplant or something. Now she asks if I have ever returned anything at this location, I tried to remember but could not recall a single case and said no, continues checking something(even if I did return something what difference does it make?!). Next thing she asks me for is my ID! YEP, never had that experience before when they check your id when returning defective junk. I said OK, no problem here is my I.D; Does another checks for a minute or so, grunges her teeth and proceeds asking me to swipe my credit card for a refund. OK, done right? NO!
Asks if I am going back into the store, I said no and I was not even in the store to begin with, I came straight to you, looks at me in disbelief like I am lying and says that she did not see me and needs to search my back pack now! HAHA, WTF?! I Said OK here it is, she searched through my back up of course not finding anything. All of the above was done in the most customer unfriendly manner with no apologies or smiles.
I left the store in disbelief what has just happened, even though it's funny, I still felt intimidated in front of the other customers, and what if she would have planted something in my bag? What then?
All previous issues I Had with CT was their low quality cheap China products, and I could not really blame the store that much for it, but this time they crossed the line and I felt like at the security check in U.S. airport when they ask you to take your shoes off. Now I made a pledge to never go to CT again and buy their crap, there are far better stores out there.
By the way that piece of crap thermostat was only $25! Was it worth it for them?? Cheap Cheap Cheap. Avoid CT stores like a plague!


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Too bad it took me so long to understand what a piece of sh!t that store really is. Its like every time I was giving it another chance, but it always failed and overtime I just started to accept it as inevitable. I honestly lost count of how much junk I have purchased at CT over the years... money well wasted. Well, at least I have stopped bringing my car there some time ago because their auto service is in its own league of shitiness and should have a *Canadian* award for it.
I feel people that shop at CT are in fact have some masochistic deviations, they try to torture and punish themselves by buying more shit from CT and keep coming back, it's almost like an addiction.
Right now its almost like a moment of clarity for me... HAHA put some quote from a bible here.:acne:


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Don't know that particular location, but some stores are in areas where there are a lot of bad apples that try to find ways to walk out with money by substituting a nonworking product for the working one and end up getting the working one for free. Others browse, then do a legitimate return and then walk out with stuff picked up in store but bypassing security gates. I tend to avoid such stores because they tend to see all their customers as potential rip-off artists.