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I have worked for this ship of fools for seven years ,In this time, three dealers later ,the newest guy figures he's the super dealer and tries to micromanage the entire store.Well as a master tech with 25 years experience I kinda know a little bit more about managing a service center than he does.Apperently honesty,integrity and strong moral standing are not as important as selling unneeded services.In an attempt to set me up to be fired he could not make a case.So he decides to lay me off in favor of a guy who's been there three months.This guy really want's to hurt me and does it at christmas WITH NO NOTICE,So as it turns out labour laws require seven weeks notice or pay severance ,now this a--h--- must pay me $7560.WELL this started something thats going to open a can of worms!this shows exactly how these people think employees, no matter how valuable are disposable if they don't kiss ass.
On the "up" side of the story...C.T. now has a lot less customers in the automotive dept. Mechanics are like your hairdresser or barber..once you have a good one, you don't change them, sooo, where ever you go, you will have your clientel follow you.I for one, will never set foot inside that store again.