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I just filled a 40 lb, 35.96 litre tank with propane from Canadian tire in Rockland, Ontario. The price was 42 dollars. I questioned this but the clerk told me that it was over a 1 dollar as litre. He also told me a year ago it was the same price. I am from BC and I found this to be quite high. In fact I have never paid that much for propane since I have started Rving. When I got home I looked up the price on the internet and found that in Ontario it is anywhere from 59 cents to 91 cents a litre in Sault Ste. Marie. Information comes from MJ Ervin & Associates / Kent Marketing Services. I also founbd a quote from a person who had asked on the Canadian Tire website for the price of propane and was told that it was about 10 dollars for a 20 lb tank on in Montreal. Why is the price so high at Canadian Tire? Have I been ripped off? Is there no control on what can be charged for Propane?