1. C

    forty years

    I have used Canadian tire for forty some years for everything from tires and bicycles to home appliances and tools and other that the fact you can buy cheap knock offs pretty much anywhere for half the price I'll never stop seems here in Ontario the staff are more diligent help because they are...
  2. O

    CT Home Installation - Run far away!

    Canadian Tire Home Installation (Ontario) does garage door openers, heating and cooling installations. We did the garage door installation. People, DON'T USE THEM. Run away! The garage door installation is hanging by an extension cord. Whaaaa? Now we need an electrician to complete the work...
  3. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Sales - Not Enough Stock - Bait & Switch?

    A common complaint across the country is that Canadian Tire stores advertise items at attractive sale prices, but those stores don't carry sufficient stock. People come for the sale items, but the can't get any. They might be tempted to just buy a similar item at a higher price. And while...
  4. 1

    advice needed please

    hi guys.im new to this site,but like many others im having a problem with our favourite super store.my issue is current,there is a lawsuit in place,and i dont really want to go into too many details,because there are many spies here..... anyway the upshot of my case is that i sued our...
  5. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Auto Repairs - Unnecessary, over-priced, incompetent, incorrect and incomplete!

    There certainly are a lot of complaints about automotive repairs at Crappy Tire stores. This thread can be a place to collect the many stores of unnecessary repairs and over-charging. As well there are stories of incompetence, and also incorrect and incomplete repairs. For stories about tire...
  6. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Tires - Stock, Sales, Installation, Service, Warranties, Online, Etc.

    It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product. Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse...
  7. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Tire - Sales, Installation, Service, Warranties, etc.

    It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product. Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse...
  8. C

    Canadian Tire Complaints on facebook - People Hate Crappy Tire!

    I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread. The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here...
  9. C

    Customer Complaints on https://www.facebook.com/Canadiantire

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic. Here's the first installment, from last night at https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/personal-stories/32-return-policy-17.html#post7209: ---- Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious...
  10. houston39

    Crappy Tire, Marlborough Calgary AB- Another example of why CTire SUCKS!

    My mother in law went into the store and was looking for a Rival portable oven. We bought one a while ago and she wanted to purchase one as well. They didn't have the one they were looking for, the one in stock was 15qts, the one she was looking for was 18qts. Anyhow, she went and found an...
  11. I

    Sold me a broken bike.

    So, I went to canadian tire a week or 2 ago and bought this bike: Ironhorse 26-in Jumpstart 2012 Full Suspension Bike | Canadian Tire It was on sale for $199.99. Everything seemed alright on it so I paid for it and started heading back home(on the bike). I made it about 10 minutes away from...
  12. M

    CTC fined for gas price fixing

    I just heard this on the radio that CTC has been caught price fixing gas prices in Southern Ontario. Anyone hear this? Anyone surprised??
  13. M


    My wife purchased a hose extension to clean out the eves around the house. The end came off while using it for the first time after about half an hour. Clerk: sorry, no warranty. I've found most Mastercraft items are crap and not worth buying.
  14. houston39

    My latest Crappy Tire incident

    I was in the Sarcee Trail store in Calgary and found a big NO SMOKING sign that had been marked down to $.87 . I thought it would be funny to give to my Mother In Law for a special occasion. So, I put the item in my cart and proceeded to check out. When it rang up, it was for $1.79, and I told...
  15. D

    Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre - Breaking The Law And Endangering Lives For Their Own Benefit

    Families First thinks they are above the law and can disobey the rules of the road, thereby endangering lives. What is written below is a must read! Basic rules for funeral processions. 1) If the lead car (the car at the very beginning of the procession) approaches a red light, that car...
  16. C

    Ask A Cashier!

    I worked at Canadian Tire for 2 years and just recently left my job due to personal reasons, during those two years I have been working as part-time head cashier, therefore customer service (returns and exchanges) as well as regular cash. Please, ask me anything (without being rude or you will...
  17. T

    It's my mufler again

    What a nightmare. I took my 95 Jeep to Exeter this time when my Life Time Muffler blew apart. They wanted over 100bucks for labour, they dropped it to 60 when I flat out refused to pay that for 20 minutes work. Well it was a little noisy on the way home but just put it down to manifold gasket...
  18. A

    Attention all: Unregistered to unique ID

    All unregistered posters have now been given a unique ID. We hope as a result the threads will be easier to follow, as you can now tell if it's the same user posting or not. If you sign up and wish your unregistered posts be re-authored to your registered user, please contact the administrators...
  19. C

    Canadian Tire Owners and Employees: Charges, Convictions, Investigations

    Lately we are hearing more and more cases where Crappy Tire owners and employees have been convicted of violating various laws, such as committing thefts and frauds, and violating various privacy laws. This is both ironic and hypocritical, given the attempts by the Crappy People to portray...
  20. C

    Fraud to Return Identical Products With Different Receipts?

    This topic keeps coming up in other threads. Maybe it deserves its own thread. In one case, a customer had two identical and unopened items. The Crappy People said it would be "fraud" to return the older item using the receipt from the newer item. However, when asked to provide something to...