I just registered and your site logged me out after me spending 20 mins or so to tell my crappy tire story. Why? I just lost everything I just typed and I am not about to type all that again.

You should maybe leave your members logged in if you are asking them to share stories.

Basically danforth crappy tire said they fixed a leaky brake line 2 months ago for me to find myself rolling out to a busy intersection without brakes to late find out that they never replaced it.

I was mad blah blah blah.... so much more to the story but I guess you won't see it.


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Sorry to hear you had problems with this site. I've never contacted the system administrator, but you might want to let them know.

Personally, if it's a long message, I'll write it up in MS-Word first, which has spell checking. Also, I don't have to worry about crashes or glitches zapping my entry.

Something else worth doing on any web site is to periodically use Ctrl-A to select all text, then use Ctrl+C to make a copy in your Clipboard, just so you can't lose it.


Also, sorry to hear about the crappy brake job. Thanks for help getting the word out the CT sucks, and to maybe protect people who haven't found out yet just how crappy they can be.