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    Join the Boycott - People Who Pledge to Never Go To Canadian Tire Again

    I've noticed a steady stream of fellow Canadians who stating their intention to boycott Canadian Tire. Some say they will not come back until things change, but most say they will never come back. Here's a place to start making a long, long list!
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    Canadian Tire Complaints on facebook - People Hate Crappy Tire!

    I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread. The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here...
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    Stanley Fat Max 400 Stud Finder

    My wife bought this product almost a year ago. It never worked correctly. We have so many unnecessary holes because of it's inaccuracy. I decided to give it one last chance today when I was installing a hose reel. I would of been better off guessing. So, wondering what I have for options. I'm so...
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    horrible pay for experience

    Hey so first time poster here just found the website. Pretty frustrated with Canadian tire. Long story short they pay crap, even when your bringing dealership experience. I worked for a GM dealer that recently closed, and in a pinch, took a job there. So far thats probably the biggest mistake of...
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    Canadian Tire doesn't honor their return policy?

    I was at the Bentall Street Canadian Tire location in Vancouver this evening with a family member who was wanting to return an unopened smoke detector trio. It was within 90 days, I think it's only been 33 days. I don't believe smoke detectors fall under the category of the 'electronics that may...
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    I worked at crappy

    I worked at crappy tire in the tire section. I had ZERO experience with cars. Within 3 months I was doing major do the math !! Don't take your care there for major repairs !! how they save !!!
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    How do you rate 65 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
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    Crappy Tire Boycott

    I would like to initiate a Canadian Tire Boycott. I've purchased one too many defective products where the warranty is not honoured for some ridiculour reason. It is a pattern and I'd like to use this and other forums to urge shoppers to buy their hardware, tires, homeware, gas...
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    Frustrating experience

    Here is my story, just happened less than 1hr ago. I was planning to replace the front dampers on my car and first went to the Fairview location to inquire about renting the spring compressing tool. It was already loaned out so I tried Parts Source, theirs was out too. So I decided to call the...
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    Store #017, 130 Grand Rd, Campbellford ON

    This is a good one. First off, I worked here as an apprentice for close to 6 years, finally leaving when I was practically a licensed mechanic and making a dollar above minimum wage. (Plus, I wrote my test three days after quitting, and have been a licensed mechanic ever since) In February of...
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    Canadian Tire blames God for crappy chinese material

    I bought table umbrella. The wind broke it off at the table top, bent/broke tin right in two. It was first time I used it. The manager agreed the material was crap, but refused return because it was an act of "God" and there was nothing they could do about the crappy material!!!! :realmad:
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    Auto Center - Ill never go to any Canadian tire again

    They lied to me saying maintenance was regular required maintenance. I talked to 5 people including the store manager, the auto center manager, a CSR, a higher CSR, the CSR manager, and finally the store manager. The store manager in the end implied I may be just lying (even though everyone...
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    Canadian Tire Return issue

    What follows is a correspondence chain regarding an Item I tried to return to Canadian Tire. The customer service experience was less than impressive and the return policy is unreasonable in my opinion. The story: I thought you might find this situation interesting. What follows is a chain...