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I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread.

The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...ints-https-www-facebook-com-canadiantire.html

And, by the way, there is a Facebook page called "Canadian Tire Sucks": https://www.facebook.com/groups/169390689765772/?ref=ts

But this thread isn't about home-grown hate-pages.

This thread is about the official Canadian Tire facebook page ... which sees a regular outpouring of anger, disappointment and disgust, as ordinary Canadians continue to discover just how low this once-great retailer has descended, in policies, service, honesty, etc.

The official CT page is here: https://www.facebook.com/Canadiantire

The hilarious irony is that CT set this up as a "fan" page, but they suck so much, that it's regularly deluged with complaints from unhappy (ex) customers!

Even with their routine purging of anti-CT posts, there is still plenty to learn from, as our fellow Canadians post their negative experiences and wise words of warning ...


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Look! A fresh warning already, on the "Review to Win" thread!

(Presumably CT was looking forward to some POSITIVE reviews, LOL!)

Chris L.: Ended up taking my car to my closest Canadian Tire location, by 64th Avenue and Deerfoot Trail in Calgary. Got four tires mounted and balanced. Shop scraped the rims on the jack and attempted to deny the red paint stuck in the silver was from them, the car wobbled over 80k even after a rebalance, magnets fell off after a few months, and I just found out today from a local shop that the tires were mounted on the wrong rims (front and back are staggered and I compulsively remind shops about it). That location always has unhappy people at the counter and its unfortunate, I'd like to support your business.
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Julie C.: August 16th, shopping for a replacement for a broken garden piece. Christmas stuff stocked instead. No really, the Saria store is stocking Christmas already. So to answer your question, my latest purchase was depressing.
37 minutes ago


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Shark Vac:

Victoria M.: I will only buy a shark again if it's on sale - as the last two hand-helds I had died in under a year!
35 minutes ago


Sheri B.: I use to shop CT all the time but not any more! It has been May 2, 2012 since I spoke to a customer service rep at head office. They were to investigate why I spent $1500.00 for rims and was foced to go home with the wrong rims for my daughters birthday. The worst money I ever spent and the silents is leaving me feeling totally disrespected.
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Oh-oh! A bit of an out-cry shaping up over the Shark Vac! This Cadman Sara is fixing' to get banned!

David W.: "Exchange Only" means no refund if you don't like it, so be sure you want it first!
37 minutes ago

Kyle S.: Well played canadian tire. Well
25 minutes ago

Simon C.: It's my third 12V Shark handheld and battery doesn't keep charge anymore after 1 to 2 years only. A little bit disappointed...
20 minutes ago

Cadman S.: Yea, Canadian Tire's quality kinda sucks now...like the Shark! rAWr! >;)
15 minutes ago

Cadman S.: ‎(only for a year and exchanges no refunds!)
14 minutes ago

Cadman S.: Company Statements - Marketplace
Company Statements - Marketplace
CBC.ca - Canadian News Sports Entertainment Kids Docs Radio TV
Company statements made to Marketplace by retailers featured on the program.<​br />
12 minutes

Cadman S.: why NOT to buy a *Shark :)
11 minutes ago

Cadman S.: ‎"We approached all three companies that were named Canada's worst for customer service for an on-camera interview. Walmart agreed to speak with us, but Zellers and Canadian Tire responded via written statements..."
10 minutes ago

Cadman S.: Evolve...or die out. Imho Canuck Tire
9 minutes ago

Cadman S.: Zellers gone...a shame, killed off by the consumerist culture from HBC. Know thy market and therefore you will know thy customer(s).
5 minutes ago

Cadman S.: Certain areas of your stores are completely useless...Undoubtedly the most strength you have is in automotive & TOOLS...Your stores aren't reflecting this nor are they conducive to your customers. Keep loading up on the crud products and you look & feel like a Zellers: overstocked & on the brink of disaster. :/
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But this one has slipped through .... So far!

Dan M.: Absolutely everything is garbage in this store-everything they sell is all that cheap crap thats produced in China. How misleading calling their company "Canadian" when non or very little is produced here. Were you one of the people that was robbed of your job in manufacturing here in Canada? Buying product from this place just endorces Canadians to have a lower quality of life by having OUR jobs shipped oberseas...just to fill a fat slime bags pockets like Canadian Tire. Boycott this company-make your voice known-were tired as Canadians getting fucked over by thieves like this.
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Lots of campers hate ct. They say that 'The best thing about camping is: _______':

John W.: That there are no Canadian Tires in the bush

Dan B.: the worst thing is having to fix all ur stuff cuz the crappy canadian tire stuff doesnt work

Brent R.: Not having to worry about certain companies (canadian tire) price fixing and stealing money from people?

Marie-Pier B.: not going at canadian tire

Robert T.: not being anywhere near your store! lol

Michael W. C.: Getting everything for less at Walmart. lol


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A couple of miscellaneous ones:

Hue W.: My last purchase turned out to be an insult to my integrity. Your store at*13665 102Ave, in Surrey BC V3T 1N7 almost ruined my week off. I went into the store with my shopping buggy & was promptly swarmed by a red t-shirt yelling, " YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG! YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG! " I said no I will not check my bag, and left the store, went to HOME DEPOT & spent 200.00. I, as a customer refuse to be deemed a thief, WHICH I AM NOT...I CURRENTLY WORK IN RETAIL...you LOST a PAYING CUSTOMER TO ALL OF YOUR STORES. I will spread the word to my friends, relatives across Canada, & clients. My time is very valuable I refuse to stand in a line up at your customer service counter to check my personal belongings, stand in line to pay & stand in line AGAIN to pick up my personal belongings. IT IS THE A RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR LOSS PREVENTION DEPARTMENT TO SECURE YOUR PRODUCT, NOT YOUR CLIENTS responsibility. If your LP department is not doing a good job, I suggest you find a new CO. Why is your bottom line getting smaller? Because you keep scaring PAYING CUSTOMERS out of your store!!! I would be embarrassed to work at a store/for a company with such a policy. I can see our store following clients around yelling..YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG. At OUR SHOPPE, WE ARE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, THE SALES DEPARTMENT & THE LOSS PREVENTION DEPARTMENT. So good luck to you in the future & have a wonderful life without this PAYING CUSTOMER.

Wee Maggy B.: I haven't shopped at Canadian Tire in about two years when I purchased an electric cordless lawn mower that did not work at all when I contacted the store I was shrugged off by*CT*staff and given the run around then insulted and afte about three weeks given a replacement lawn mower the staff were rude and either didn't care or know how to handle a return it was also hard to find any store staff that can assist me when I asked if they had different items in stock terrible service and staff that have little to no training. Edmonton Alberta Millwoods Canadian Tire.

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Your claims are hilarious. A litany of complaints. outpouring of disappointed customers.

Do you have ANY idea how many customers Canadian Tire serves EVERY day of the week? Hundreds of thousands, 7 days a week 360+ days per year. That's a lot of customers. So the few that head to facebook that complain, hardly make for a litany, or outpouring LOL

Damn pesky numbers keep gettign in your way

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Even notice how The Moaner is never specific about any accusation? It's always something vague and nebulous. Which claims? How could the possibly be seen as "hilarious". We never find out ... probably because Moaner never has anything concrete to contribute.

Do consumers know how many Canadians post on the Canadian Tire facebook site? Do they know how many of those comments are negative (even on an alleged "fan page")? They can find out, just by keeping an eye on the page.

Do consumers know how many negative comments the Canadian Tire site admins delete every day? I assume the Admins know - but no way are they gonna post of THOSE statistics, LOL!

We consumers can decide for ourselves what counts as "a litany" (something The Moaner hasn't bothered to even Google), and what counts as an "outpouring".

Heed the posted warnings of your fellow Canadian consumers!

Learn from their mistakes!

Keep viewing this site, and boosting the statistics!

Try not to get banned from Canadian Tire | Facebook too fast!

Watch out for devious Owners!

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Well, now. If the Crappy Tire people didn't keep deleting negative comments from the facebook page, it wouldn't be so important to capture those comments here.

But it's also nice to have the negative comments from facebook all in one, convenient location.

Lots of other sites have preserved the negative CT comments, too. Like red flag deals, pissed consumer, and complaints board.

I can understand why Crappy Tire would prefer the 'quick fix' of hiding their mistakes, instead of trying to actually fix them.

But I, for one, really appreciate the efforts of these generous people who are helping get the word out, of just how bad Crappy Tire actually is.

Keep up the Good Work!


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You won't find this comment on Facebook anymore, but I managed to grab it in time:

Richard C.: Oh, you mean their ineptitude isn't limited to their in-store staff?! Color me surprised!
6 hours ago

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You do realize that it's common practice among companies to maintain their social media pages by deleting negative posts? No different then you would do if someone posted sh*t about you on your facebook page. Use common sense.

Just thought you should know


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Well, at least The Moaner admits that Crappy Tire hides customer complaints on facebook - we can take this as confirmation that Crappy Tire is deleting negative reviews of their crappy products from ct.ca, too, LOL! But, we already know that, from reports consumers have posted on this site.

But this 'theory' about other stores? Many times The Moaner has posted "sh*t" about other stores, right on this site, which turn out to NOT be true.

Besides, even if other stores suck as much as Crappy Tire does in one specific way, that doesn't make Crappy Tire suck any LESS!

Here's the REAL reason that The Moaner is even posting here: the don't want consumers using social media to share the sad and pathetic state of Crappy Tire stores - it might hurt their personal finances, if too many people find out! Luckily, we have many places to share our stories!

Shame on you, Moaner 1!

Thank you, Canadian Tire Sucks Dot Net!


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S'more ... for the Crappy people to I'gnore!

Debbie M.: Dear Canadian Tire, On Aug. 19, 2012 I purchased a 31 inch Coby flat-screen TV. The ticket price on this TV was $289.99. The final price at check-out was $379.49! Turns out I was charged $40.00 for something called ADS fee, an environmental fee. So the actual price of the TV was $329.99. THEN you added the HST. This is a very sneaky and unfair way of doing business. What do you have to say for yourself?

Hmmm .... this sounds like the kind of scam our 'friend' The Moaner would try to pull!

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I'd like to personally thank Mr or Ms. Owner1 for providing such a clear example of what's so very wrong with Canadian Tire today.

Unlike CT, smart retailers actually care about customers, not because these other stores are run by humanitarians, or even just nice "beer-league hockey" local guys. No, it's because the other stores generally accept the reality that their customers pay the bills. They've figured out what CT consistently misses: customers are essential for the retailer's survival, and are cheaper to retain then they are to replace.

How ironic, then, that Crappy Tire immediately loses interest in the 'Customer Experience' once they have your money in the till, and don't even think about after-sales care. In what universe is it ok to send an unhappy customer down the road to a repair depot, without even lifting a finger to help them?

We see this same deep flaw in their approach to social media, again exemplified in the attitude of Owner1. Smart businesses recognize the value in getting prompt and uncensored feedback from real consumers, and the huge value in having a chance to truly shine in the public eye. Study after study confirms that a customer who has a bad experience, but gets it resolved in a thoughtful manner, will be far more loyal, than a customer who never has a problem. And doing so in a public forum is orders of magnitude better for the retailer.

But how does Canadian Tire leverage their social media presence, when a customer complaint surfaces?

They delete the post!

At the very most, they might write back, 'email customer service' - which is just a different 'ignore it' department. Is that the best they can do? Of course not - they could actually address the customer's problem. But they simply choose to do nothing.

How sad for this once-great company. No wonder their same-store sales moped along a mere 0.4% last quarter. The only Canadian store with a worse customer-service rating is the soon-to-disappear Zellers.

And so sad for the many opportunities for improvement are being squandered by the likes of Owner1.
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S'more ... for the Crappy people to I'gnore!

Debbie McCracken Slaunwhite: Dear Canadian Tire, On Aug. 19, 2012 I purchased a 31 inch Coby flat-screen TV. The ticket price on this TV was $289.99. The final price at check-out was $379.49! Turns out I was charged $40.00 for something called ADS fee, an environmental fee. So the actual price of the TV was $329.99. THEN you added the HST. This is a very sneaky and unfair way of doing business. What do you have to say for yourself?

Hmmm .... this sounds like the kind of scam our 'friend' The Moaner would try to pull!

That is a Government imposed recycling fee. It is added to almost all electronics. The stores have no control over that. I don't think it's fair for you to post that here. It has nothing to do with the store at all.