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I bought table umbrella. The wind broke it off at the table top, bent/broke tin right in two. It was first time I used it. The manager agreed the material was crap, but refused return because it was an act of "God" and there was nothing they could do about the crappy material!!!!


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To-day I asked WalMart if they would take back an umbrella under the same circumstances. they said they would take it back with receipt if returned in 90 days, even if God was to blame. Thanks to WalMart for wanting to please the customer. I will buy from them from now on. :laugh:


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if you buy a brand new car and the wind blows a tree in to it and knocks your mirrors off do you think the car dealership will take it back?


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The point is, that the material used to make the umbrella handle is so flimsy that the wind from a butterflies wings could break it. If the car was prooved to be made of such flimsy material, then, yes the dealer better take it back. It could kill someone. I compared a stem from an umbrella I bought 3 years ago, and it was at least 10 times as strong, and weighed 10 times as much. It is time Canadians demanded that things we buy last at least a year.
I had three umbrellas up that day, in the same spot. One had a broom handle for a stem, the other a regular umbrella. The other two did not break. This prooves my point. You lose.


you gotta love these Canadian Tire managers who lurk on these forums and call people dicks. You think this forum happened by accident? Nope, it took a whole raft of shitty CT stores to get this kind of reputation Lurker-dude.

One common thread is that CT buys crappy stuff and pawns it off. Their tires are seconds as are their batteries, castoffs from Exide.

I could see why they don't want to pay back money. It would cost them a lot. I bought a pressure washer there and the stupid thing just stopped working, so I took it back and the manager decided that perhaps it was left out in the cold, and the water in it ruined it. Nice thought, but it was mid summer and there was NOOOO evidence or even suggestion that the device was subject to cold. The Manager probably spend the morning in the store shitter reading some trade magazine and wanted to spew out one piece of knowledge to impress people. The managers have very small dicks and need to keep reassuring themselves by invoking control over customers.

Very sad. I will never shop there. Boycott the place and let them know you are boycotting. I am going to file a couple of dozen customer service requests per day for a while just to put a strain on their Customer Service idiots.



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By the way CT manager-lurker.

It would be "you're a dick", not "your a dick"

Quelle suprise, you're an uneducated Crappy Tire employee?


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Gerry said, "The Manager probably spend the morning in the store shitter reading some trade magazine and wanted to spew out one piece of knowledge to impress people."

What a riot! I just about fell off my chair in fits of laughter.