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i bought pads and rotors from can tire a while ago for my car, thinking that i as getting a deal . The rotors lasted to weeks before they warped .I then had to go and back and buy more pads and rotors .This time i bought more expensive brake parts, so between time and cost i am out a good chunk of change .My comment is . Why does can tire sell these cheap garbage parts made in china and put my life at risk

Angry CT Guy

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Why does any store sell a good, better, best selection? Probably because someone doesn't always want to put a top brand, expensive part on a 20 year old moron.
Honestly, dumb people should not be allowed to state opinions.


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The rotors lasted [two] weeks before they warped .

Why does any store sell a good, better, best selection?

So, Crappy Tire's definition of "Good" quality, is a brake component that lasts just two weeks.

Good to know - thanks, Angry CT Guy!

I'm not even going to bother seeing how many weeks a "Better" part lasts. Obviously it means "Better than Total Crap".

Knowing what crap these Crappy People will decide is OK to sell, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Thanks again, Crappy Person!