Canadian Tire Mclaughlin Brampton ON- Poorest Customer service experienced in my lifetime


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Went to this store last week on 17th May 2013, at around 12.35 pm to get my battery tested and if needed replaced. The only person on the desk told me that I had to wait for another test to be completed before I could start my 1.5 hours testing/diagnosis. Waited an hour and then finally my testing started and I gave my cell number to be called when they had finished the test and had printout of the diagnosis. After 2 hours had elapsed and still not receiving a call from Cdn Tire, I reached there to be told that battery needed new replacement, and with my original receipt it was still under pro rated warranty discount when new battery bought from them.

But I still had to wait as per Jason (some what polite guy) to wait for another 20 minutes as the ONLY person who could calculate the warranty discount, Ms. Carol was out on lunch and returning in 20 odd minutes. I waited almost an hor waiting for her and reported this to the Manager Mr Mike (somewhat rude, insensitive manager - who had no clue what was required of him or of the store). He went out on a search for Carol with me and finally we saw her returning back from lunch after 1.20 hours or so.

Now this lady was not apologetic about extended lunch around and took almost 45 minutes to advise me that I need to pay $ 105 for $ 120 battery and you can pick up the battery right away.

Anyway when they checked the new battery to be sold to me, it needed new charge as it was never charged as they were supposed to have done in Apr'13 as per sticker on the battery. Finally when I advised them to return my paperwork so that I could walk into another cndn tire store and pick up a fully charged battery I was told by Carol that the diagnostic test printout was misplaced by her, and that I would have to start the whole process of retesting the battery if I chose to walk into another cndn tire store.

And without any apology I was asked to wait for another 1.30 hours for this to get recharged. Finally I paid out at 5.25 pm and was given the battery by 5.35 pm. CALLED MIKE again to be told this is how they do business and if I do not stop complaining or cribbing about their service, he will get us escorted/thrown out of the store.

Called corporate to report the insensitive attitude and abnormal customer service experience in last 20 odd years in this country and was told they would call Kevin the owner of the Cndn Tire store and he will call me to address the issues.

Finally got a call on 22nd May 13, and was told by him that he has another side of the story and this is the way we have and will be doing business. If you have to wait and have been given such service, it was because of busy day at the location. And when I told him that it was not busy at all as most of the staff there was just sitting idle and even the automotive hoists were less than half on job.

Kevin was not apologetic nor did he say sorry and his tone was very off as if he had already presumed that I would be lying and was cooking up stories. This kind of attitude I have only seen in Oriental stores where the prices are so cheap and they do not care if they get repeat business or not. Not sure 100% but Kevin's tone and accent was somewhat oriental too and had the same icy, rude and suggesting that I was a liar and just cooking up stories.