Canadian Tire Sucks at Parts - Auto Parts, Defective, Incorrect, Used, Non-Returnable, No Stock

Karen B.: I actually hate the Canadian Tire in my area. It is the Owen Sound store. I don't like being treated like a dumb female especially when I know exactly what I need. The last time I was in that store, I needed a replacement amber light for my van. I had changed it before so I knew which one I needed. They are behind the counter so I had to ask for it. I was told to wait. The salesman served all the other male customers first, including new ones that came in. When they were gone he asked me the make and year of my van. He then told me which light I needed. I told him it was the same one I asked him for over half an hour before that. He said it is Canadian Tire policy to check these things for female customers.
Nick D-F.: So I was in to the lansdowne canadian tire on Fri, the customer service rep allegedly ordered the part I need, told me it would be in Tues...I leave happy... Today TUESDAY I go back into the parts counter at the above mentioned Canadian Tire..assisted by Gord...who was no help at all, I ask if we can re-order the parts, he says no not until I speak with the other person. It is a $14.99 part...I am so frustrated by the lack of customer service these days!!!
Mulek C.: Hey parts guy in strathmore alberta Canadian tire!! Remember when I asked that you are sure that's the right U joint for my 1996 Ram 2500 front right. And you said yeah I am sure...WELL YOU WERE VERY WRONG!!!!! One would think that making sure the part is right is pretty important seeing that my trucks on jacks and I have no part and now lose a days work cause the trucks outta commission until I get the part!!! Well done Canadian tire, well done!!
Jeff-D.L.: Canadian tire? We live almost 1hour from the nearest one and when we need a part or anything else we usually call before we drive the distance....Sound like a good idea? Wrong!!!! Called many times and told yes we have it sometimes even say have 2 or 3 in stock...Now consider the price of gas and the price of the part and the time and expense of driving the distance...Walk to the parts department and told no we don't have any here....but we have one at a store about 1/2 hour from there and given something that don't even resemble the item we needed....Ok now...will you order it in and have it delivered to the nearest store (1hr from our home)...Yes and then....O forget is like a vicious circle...Canadian Tire...Unless I am in the area, I don't make a special trip there..."Tired" of this...UAP, Walmart, even Used Auto parts get most of our business. And thank God for them....
Christine A.: you advertise "your bike store" but too difficult to get parts to repair our bikes. If you are "the" bike store, plz, make it possible to get all bike parts
Fae E.W.: Canadin tire was good at one time now a joke got my son a dirt runner dirt bike in 2007 can't get parts for it any more what's up with that they made a money pass that's all they good for now don't shop there any more come on how do you tell your 11 year old you can't get parts for his bike all it is .... Is money money money not happy
Chris P.: Or like how they sell crap (Mowers) without offering any way of obtaining spare parts for said mower, this is a case of do it yourself by purchasing a whole new item. Won't make that mistake again. Will be buying from reputable dealers in future.
An oldie, but a goodie:

Isobel R.: I went to a Canadian Tire about 20 years ago for spark plugs and an air filter for my 79 Cougar, when the oh so helpful gentleman at the parts counter gave me the box for the air filter I told him it was the wrong one. His reply was "you are a woman what do you know?" Turns out more than him, the filter was for a Kenworth and the spark plugs were for a lawn mower.
Chris R.: I don't want to shop at a place where the idiot behind the counter can't figure out what an oil filter for a 350 is because his computer won't tell him and without the year and if it has a/c and 100 other things. For christ sake, they've used the same filter for the last 57 years!
A couple of responses to Crappy Tire's "free tow this weekend" offer:

Jackie H.: Can't trust,a company that can't sell me the right rad hose for my car. Tried 3 times and still the wrong part, oh yea and they should get staff that can speak English!!!

Christina S.: Don't even go get a rear light bulb! The looked up my make and year in their "system", then went to my mechanic for a few things to be done and he said it was the wrong one!
Dianne N.: I will never take my vehicle to another Canadian Tire nor would I recommend that anyone else take their vehicle there. I would not trust them to change a light bulb. I have heard nothing positive from anyone that has had a vehicle in their shop. their garage sucks!
Rob M.: Why it not help u do not care the parts for what u sell Riding lawn mower-over 1200 dollars and no arts have go else where-So I will now I even buy my auto parts else where/Already do with tires. A small gas line filter for machine u sell nope have go to another town to lawn car place to buy.WHY Buy anything at The CT???Serious!
Will W.: My car broke down in edmonton & i had to go find the parts at another store before they'd fix it.
A car store that doesn't cary car parts. WTF??
Debbie F.O.: I go to Canadian Tire only if I absolutely have been everywhere else and can't find what I want. Even when I was a child my dad would often send my mother and I with instructions and specifications for a car part while he was fixing a car and after driving an hour to get and bring reassured by the salesman it was the right part for the year, make and model 9 X out of 10 it was wrong and my dad would have to wait for us to go back. My husband and I have had the same experience with parts. Now we go to the Dealer and for household item CT is our last resort.
Greg M.: I bought the craftsman 9 inch band saw but when the blade broke and I went to get one at Canadian Tire they did not sell the blade for the bandsaw it took them 6 months to finally get the blades but come on make sure you have any parts for it in stock and on the shelve . and to Canadian Tire I tried your web site and nothing happened
Janice B.: It won't matter because what ever it is that I buy for my truck, I will have to return it because I will be given the wrong size. Just like the last two times I was there.
Brian S.: Another thing is the people in auto parts haven't got a clue. I called inquiring about a radiator for a 1970 Volkswagen beetle. After being put on hold for about 15 mins the person told me I'd have to go to a rad shop as they can't or don't carry those. By now I was laughing my ass off since Volkswagen beetles back then were air cooled. Lmao.
Steven A.: I have had to stop buying car parts at Canadian Tire, in order to get parts you have to order them for later delivery, a day or two and leave a deposit. Then I have ordered all the parts I may need and start my repair and find I don't need to change everything and they charge a restocking fee for any returns. From my local private parts store, you order your parts they are delivered to the store in a couple of hours, I can order all I think I may need and return the remainder without any restocking. Have you ever not purchased everything you might need before starting a repair. With Canadian Tire you end up with car in pieces for days because you didn't dare spend/waste the extra cash on the might need part.
Does CT suck at auto parts? Let's check with Allan:

Allan P.: People that work there now are only a joke. Just pretend to know about car parts. Asked the clerk for clips for a fuel line. The response was sorry sir we only see them with our brakes lines. I responded your joking right. What does a fuel have to do with brake lines? Laughing stock of auto parts