Canadian Tire Sucks at Parts - Auto Parts, Defective, Incorrect, Used, Non-Returnable, No Stock

Betheny S.: … my husband does all the work on our own vehicles his dads a michanic and my husband knows what hes doing and even my husband said the people at the parts counter know next to nothing, and are in no way helpful or try to act helpful and tell you things without any knowledge and someone like my husband knows but someone with little to no car knowledge would just get screwed over, atleast when you go to car quest they have people with actual car knowledge
Marlene G.: The parts counter at the Brandon MB CT is slower then waiting for a tax refund! We waited an hour just to get a set of rims and tires (bought and walked) Guess they don't like it when you buy something and not install it there. I wouldn't have a tissue holder installed there! :p
Michael B.: I have only one thing to say about ctc stock on common parts for your car . Don't waste your time , tired of hearing not in stock or will have to order. Go direct to partsource they have had everything I have called about . If you need parts they are no longer the place to go
Janice R.: I got banned from the Service Department at the Unicity Canadian Tire in Winnipeg, today. I suppose I was an uppity female who demanded that the service I paid for get completed satisfactorily. Shame on me.

After her recent bad experience, do you think she'll take her car back there again??

Janice R.: Oh, I'll take my car elsewhere. I don't really want to deal with them at this point. I am just interested in how they think this is acceptable customer service.
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Peter V.: yeh set your garage up so you never have to take your car to CT they will rob you blind if you let them
Robert R.: Too bad you don't sell parts for these vacuums as the battery doesn't last very long. You
Kimberley M.: Canadian Tire YOU ARE THE WORST The few times I have been there the prices were different when i got the cashier, inventory not in the right place, no assistance on the floor and your stupid mechanical desk gave me the wrong auto parts! take the Canadian out of your name YOU are an embarrassment to this country!
On the unsurprising Ice Truck thread:

Quentin R.: hopefully you bought the parts for it somewhere else. GOD I would love to see you return your own broken parts
Icy Truck Spam:

Real B.: well, CTC had to use ice since they don't carry truck parts anymore! It used to be a good place to get your car parts, that all stoped about 2006 and on! It's more like Wallmart!
Shirlene E.: Sadly not as good as expected. I bought 3 new Motomaster wipers for my Jeep about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately they leave water lines on my windshield on the downstroke and I threw away the receipt.
Kristy H.: That's really discouraging....I sent an email to customer service yesterday, expecting a response today.....but nothing. I purchased a computer chair, piece missing, had to take it back to exchanged. Yesterday I purchased a deep it all set up, put the oil in, fresh fries cut and its broken....... I go to the store today, get a new one, bring it home...same piece broken...go back to the store again, ask for the manager...waited 30 mins, asked what he would do....he says "not my problem that's what warranties are for" and he walked away. I open a 3rd one in the store...same piece broken. I asked to be upgraded to the next model, he says sure if you want to buy it.....needless to say Im pissed. I was going to buy a patio set there .....but not now.
Steve M.: well how about this you FROOT LOOP DINGUSES that run Canadian Tire because this is the 12 WEEK of the same crap from the auto department. 12 weeks of nothing but ROTORS AND BRAKE PADS...Do you FROOT LOOP DINGUESE at this shop sell anything else in the Auto Department or are you just to stupid to bring DRUMS AND SHOES OUT...... WOW I am the 6 generation to shop and this store and I must say your store is starting to SUCK BIG TIME. So bring different auto parts you FROOT LOOP DINGUES. I GUESS WHEN PEOPLE FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE BBB YOU LEARN NOTHING.
Don't know how the Langley canadian tire stays open. One time there was a guy they hired to do tires (NEVER GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE OR TOOK ANY VOCATIONAL TRAINING) apparently at the time, he was the only one who could fill in for the position and said he did 'repairs on his truck at home'
sorry, it's not burger king, you can't just make a sandwich at home and do the same thing on someone elses car and pretend you're a professional.

Also the automotive manager at the time Brett, doesn't even know what a transmission is and how it works. they hire unqualified people because they like them, not because of qualifications. I would much rather people make informed decisions about where they take their car and open their eyes to the ethics that this company does not abide. Such as harrassing workers who use to work there or customers, or calling them 'shitheads' <- a very 'professional' manager called a customer this and didn't get fired for it. What a joke.

Also another friend of mine went into to get their brakes fixed, he couldn't put the brake on when he went downhill. The 'mechanic' at canadian tire said 'sorry i didn't tighten the part enough'. Are you kidding? why do people even take their cars here. it's a joke.
Louise C.: You might want to advise the staff at the Canadian Tire in Bathurst NB that the Garrison radiators with certain model #'s (check the government recall website) have been recalled and that they shouldn't give customers a hard time when they print off the website and bring it in to show them that they were recalled. My parents took theirs back and they hmmed and hawed and gave them a hard time over a product that was RECALLED.
Jonathan S.: Hi - can I ask that you pass a question on to your web designer? Ask them to find car mats for a 2013 Ford Edge (or probably any vehicle) through the parts search: Auto Parts | Canadian Tire It shouldn't be difficult, let alone impossible... It seems impossible. Thank you!
Len H.: Your parts dep is the worst I ever see,,,
In every store,,, they love to say not in stock and can't be bothered to offer to order it,,,,
I don't even bother them anymore they've made it quite clear that customers are nothing but a Paine in there back side ,,,, sydney ns

Len H.: This has happened a few times,,, In just decided to avoid it sale or not,,,not work going when you know the answer,,, parts store are more helpful
Craig S.: .... when I tried to order a lift pump for my 3500. Showed up the next day and they handed me a big box. And I said I don't think this is the lift pump. My lift pump is smaller than my hand . I opened the box to see a fuel pump. Then I said it's diesel not gas . The guy said well they still need a pump. And then told me that spark plugs were on sale. I said it's diesle . The manager came over I told him what happened. He said and I quote. The problem is that not very many people drive diesel and this is why his staff is only trained in gas motors. Then I went to napa and I guess there staff is trained in disel motors cause they had the lift pump on the shelf.... that's drumheller candain tire. For fun call them ... I hung up when I asked if they had any rv parts ... and was asked what an rv is........