1. F

    Chinese Tire

    I have had more than my fair share of problems dealing with CTC over the years ... but I've also had good experiences. As I read these forums, I have to say that it's a bit disgruntling to read the ill will between users and the CT employees who post here. One thing that both sides do seem to...
  2. R

    former part time employee that got tired of the BS

    Hey there, I would like to share my story I started working for Canadian Tire distribution centre in Brampton, more specifically AJ Billes in 2006. I was hired under the SWOP (student work opportunity program). For me it was great because I only worked 3 out of 4 weekends. During the weekdays...
  3. C

    Government inspections

    Is it customary for Canadian Tire to have various employees use customers private cars brought in for government inspections to go for "test drives" that take longer than half an hour and use up a quarter tank of gas even when these employees are not the certified inspectors? While watching...
  4. 1

    industrial espionage

    just a thought folks.we have all heard of industrial espionage.im wondering whether the ceos and directors of canadian tire are secretly employees of either wal mart or costco,and are totally wrecking the once glamorous company from the top?just a thought...
  5. I

    Job Application

    Well, I came across this board while looking to make a official complaint to Canadian Tire head office but since they apparently don't have a means of doing so I'll vent here. I work 9-5 but I am desperately in need of evening and weekend employment. There is a Canadian Tire right across the...
  6. S

    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
  7. Ramou

    Having to show your receipt to leave a store.

    Having to show your receipt before you can leave a store sucks. If you saw me steal something, just tell me and we'll call the cops. If not, get the #&(( out of my way. Alarms buzzing when leaving a store; I can't believe how people will look sheepish and offer their bags up for inspection like...
  8. A

    canadian tire napanee, my phone goes missing!

    I was just at the crappy tire on center street napanee and got an oil change on my 2012 focus and left my cell phone in the car thinking I wouldn't need it and also that I could trust a big reputable company like them and my phone went missing in their care. not sure what to do the managers...
  9. R

    Drive 2 Hours To Be Told to Come Back Another Day!!

    So... I'm going to just post my complaint letter which explains the incident and shows what I've done about it. Will keep you updated! To whom it may concern: I have been a loyal customer of Canadian Tire for many, many years and have experienced excellent service almost every time I have...
  10. B

    Rate my employer at Canadian Tire

    Read what former employee's say about Canadian Tire. RateMyEmployer.ca Employer ratings by employees
  11. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Tires - Stock, Sales, Installation, Service, Warranties, Online, Etc.

    It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product. Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse...
  12. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Tire - Sales, Installation, Service, Warranties, etc.

    It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product. Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse...
  13. S

    Would like to know what it is like to work at other CAnadian Tire stores.

    I'm interested in hearing other employees situations and what it is like to work at other stores. Are they all the same? Does your store operate the same as this one? ........ We have to buy our own pens (even the ones the customers have to use to sign their credit card receipts). Trying to...
  14. C

    Customer Complaints on https://www.facebook.com/Canadiantire

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic. Here's the first installment, from last night at https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/personal-stories/32-return-policy-17.html#post7209: ---- Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious...
  15. C

    Canadian Tire Cheats Generous Canadians Who Donate to Charities (Jumpstart)

    I'm sure Jumpstart does some good work. But that's no excuse for Canadian Tire to steal the tax credits of the generous Canadians who donate. And after they steal the tax credits, they also steal the credit for the whole donation! Have they no shame at all? I don't approve of vulgarity...
  16. B

    Hello and I am priveleged to have joined this awesome site.

    Glad I found this site since Canadian Tire does indeed Suck. This is an ugly company which on a daily basis writes a new high in low when it comes to customer service. Because of their repair only policy on a number of their items DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCUM BUZZARDS. I bought a pressure...
  17. houston39

    Crappy Tire, Marlborough Calgary AB- Another example of why CTire SUCKS!

    My mother in law went into the store and was looking for a Rival portable oven. We bought one a while ago and she wanted to purchase one as well. They didn't have the one they were looking for, the one in stock was 15qts, the one she was looking for was 18qts. Anyhow, she went and found an...
  18. M

    CTC fined for gas price fixing

    I just heard this on the radio that CTC has been caught price fixing gas prices in Southern Ontario. Anyone hear this? Anyone surprised??
  19. M

    Battery Problems

    Simply put, I bought a battery for a motorcycle. It lasted only a few months so I took it back to CTC in Kingston (I had the bill) and complained about its poor performance and stated I wanted a replacement. I was told they'd have to test it and it would cost me etc etc. I said that's up to you...
  20. houston39

    My latest Crappy Tire incident

    I was in the Sarcee Trail store in Calgary and found a big NO SMOKING sign that had been marked down to $.87 . I thought it would be funny to give to my Mother In Law for a special occasion. So, I put the item in my cart and proceeded to check out. When it rang up, it was for $1.79, and I told...