CT bought my car!


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After joining the CT motor club I recieved a free oil change coupon, I took my wifes car in for the free service. The first problem was that the manager didn't want to put on a new oil filter because its not really required every oil change, I showed him the coupon saying oil and filter included me very reluctently complied 3 hours later I paid over $20 for fees shop supplies etc. I started the car the oil light came on I shut off the motor went back inside told him the problem he told me to pull it in and they would have a look, 2 flunkies and the manager were checking wires etc. when "screeeech" the engine stopped dead they pulled the dipstick NO OIL. They added oil tried turning over the engine with a large socket wrench no luck locked up tight. The manager told me he would pay for a cab to get me home and they would fix the problem.
I was calm, shocked and very unhappy I told him I came here in a car and I am going home in one he asked me to wait while he made a few calls, after a long while he told me to pick up a rental car while mine was being fixed. I told him make me an offer on the car and I'll walk away, he refused and I left. 2 weeks passed when I stopped in to check on progress they were trying to repair the engine but when they started it the knocking could be heard a block away, Then he wanted to find a used motor, I owned the car since new it had 90k kms on it and if anything I wanted a rebuilt motor with some warrenty he said he would see what he could do.
Two more weeks went by they called told me they had installed a used motor with 120K on it that was the best they could do. I told them I was contacting a lawyer. 2 weeks later they called told me they were no longer paying for my rental car. I contacted CT corp. within 2 hours after I emailed my word file (I had documented every conversation dates witness statements etc.) the store manager called and made me an offer to buy my car I accepted the deal returned the rental car (cost almost $3K.)They should have bought the car to begin with!