Bought a Black & Decker Large Skillet back in November 2011!! (PG)


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I bought a Black & Decker Large Skillet back in November when it went on sale for $39.99. One of my large burners stopped working so I decided to pick it up as it was on sale. That damn thing cooks food, not evenly but it cooks it. I used that damn skillet for 4 months & I tried to take care of it. But someone scratched it up, then someone through it off the counter & broke off the handle. The non-stick coating was not so black where the heated elements are, The heat started to get weak & weaker. So I put it all back in the retail packaging & brought it back to Canadian Tire hoping they will give me a new one. I said to the Lady, The heat is getting weaker, I handed over my receipt. She had a few words with the older lady & she came back. You know what she said after all that?! I Wasted my gas & my time!! :mad2: That beautiful lady said with a sweet voice, We can only do an exchange for the same product as it is under the 12 month exchange warranty. I said okay, I'll get a new one. Woohoo, I was in & out in under 10mins. The only thing I was mad about is I should of asked for that girls number, but didn't because it is hard for me to asked for that kind of stuff. lol