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In a different thread, Eric From Mississauga wrote:

It would be nice to have forum about specific products CT sells. If you post on CT's web site customer reviews you and I know the reviews are censored.

This way some other unlucky stiff does not waste their time and money buying crap that CT knows is NFG. and still sells months and years later.


Product Review: FM Transmitter

A while ago I bought an FM transmitter, so I could listen to my MP3 player over the car stereo. I can't find the exact product on their web site, but it was similar to this product (and was the same brand) as the item at this link:

Ultra-slim Power Inverter with FM transmitter, 100W | Canadian Tire.

I tried all the freqencies, but I couldn't hear anything on the car radio, now matter how I placed the transmitter.

Luckily, the store took it back, and didn't invoke any crazy "repair only" rules.

Close call!


Overall Rating: 1/5
Quality: 1/5
Features: 2/5 (but the features didn't work!)
Ease of use: 4/5 (I got good at changing the frequencies)