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I'm old, retired and I have all kinds of CTC stories from years of fixing things and driving cars and trying to deal with CTC.

I don't deal there at all anymore. They have lost me as a customer, but they don't care. I have written to head office about things and they simply don't reply. There's more business in this country than they can handle thanks to the stupid people that still go there no matter how badly they are treated.

CTC ended up on CBC Marketplace thanks to their policies and staff but do people listen.. No.

I have written letters to Home Depot about only one item. They are the Ryobi exclusive dealer yet didn't offer their full line of products. I received an answer and action from the PRESIDENT Annette Verschuren. That's what CTC needs to learn.

There's lots of other places to acquire parts now for pretty much anything. I no longer need CTC any more than they care about me.

So I have written a couple of things from my past CTC experiences to see if the Moderator posts them. If so there will be more. If not.. Oh well..!