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    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
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    I'm thrill to come across this communities for Canadian tire victims. I'm a 3rd year apprentice in the automotive service trade and Canadian tire was my first shop. Nobody else would hire me with no experience at the time. as soon as I got my first year training I got the hell out of there. The...
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    Would like to know what it is like to work at other CAnadian Tire stores.

    I'm interested in hearing other employees situations and what it is like to work at other stores. Are they all the same? Does your store operate the same as this one? ........ We have to buy our own pens (even the ones the customers have to use to sign their credit card receipts). Trying to...
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    Canadian Tire Cheats Generous Canadians Who Donate to Charities (Jumpstart)

    I'm sure Jumpstart does some good work. But that's no excuse for Canadian Tire to steal the tax credits of the generous Canadians who donate. And after they steal the tax credits, they also steal the credit for the whole donation! Have they no shame at all? I don't approve of vulgarity...
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    I'm old, retired and I have all kinds of CTC stories from years of fixing things and driving cars and trying to deal with CTC. I don't deal there at all anymore. They have lost me as a customer, but they don't care. I have written to head office about things and they simply don't reply...
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    Ask A Cashier!

    I worked at Canadian Tire for 2 years and just recently left my job due to personal reasons, during those two years I have been working as part-time head cashier, therefore customer service (returns and exchanges) as well as regular cash. Please, ask me anything (without being rude or you will...
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    CT is both good and bad

    CT has good selection of products but its service is lacking. Being screwed over by big box stores is almost a way of life these days the forum is way of letting them know what their weakness's are and hopefully fix some problems. Rules for working at CT NEVER OFFER TO HELP NEVER MAKE EYE...
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    breaking labour laws costs dealer DEARLY.

    I have worked for this ship of fools for seven years ,In this time, three dealers later ,the newest guy figures he's the super dealer and tries to micromanage the entire store.Well as a master tech with 25 years experience I kinda know a little bit more about managing a service center than he...
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    Attention all: Unregistered to unique ID

    All unregistered posters have now been given a unique ID. We hope as a result the threads will be easier to follow, as you can now tell if it's the same user posting or not. If you sign up and wish your unregistered posts be re-authored to your registered user, please contact the administrators...
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    An Ex Ctc Mgr ... speaks the truth .

    As an ex- Ctc mgr. of over 10 years , here are some insightful suggestions for the company . 1.0 : Get rid of the dealers . Make every store corporately run . The dealers I have known are not concerned about good customer service . They are only concerned about the bottom line . Good qualified...
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    Why faker advocates don't like math

    Man spends fortune in Canadian Tire money on mower - CTV News I particularly like the comments at the bottom with the agree/disagree. Most people just aren't like faker advocate, they don't see the world through shit colored glasses. Damn that math!
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    Canadian Tire Owners and Employees: Charges, Convictions, Investigations

    Lately we are hearing more and more cases where Crappy Tire owners and employees have been convicted of violating various laws, such as committing thefts and frauds, and violating various privacy laws. This is both ironic and hypocritical, given the attempts by the Crappy People to portray...
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    STUPID TERMS used on this site!!!!!!!

    What the HELL is with all these STUPID terms and being spread on this website.. "Angry CT Guy" ?? Who the hell is that? "Faker Advocate" ??? What?? And what's the with telling people to donate at the top of the page.. What the HELL does that have to do with these posts??
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    Professionals? Yeah, right!

    I recently (Aug 16th/11) took my 2004 Infiniti G35 in to Canadian Tire on Douglas Street in Victoria, B.C. so it could be checked out for both Provincial and Federal Inspections. I purchased the vehicle from the USA and in order to have it legally registered in B.C. I had no choice but to go...
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    Will Crappy Tire Survive The Coming Competition?

    The Crappy Defenders generally say they've survived the arrival of Costco and Walmart, so they are safe. Even CEO Steve Wetmore has been quoting Churchill, in anticipation of the coming onslaught: Canadian Tire: Fixing a flat | What do consumers think about the impending...
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    Crappy Tire's Financial State

    It's good to see some financial information that isn't distored by the Crappy Tire Defenders. It turns out that this "cash only" buy-out of Forzani wasn't really "cash only" after all. Crappy Tire's debt went up from $2.3 billion to $3.3 billion. There was assumed debt and transaction costs...
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    CT employee's rudeness

    Being Canadian, we always give the Canadian company the priority over US company when we make our purchase. However, after last week's unplesant experience with CT ( store located at 2900 Major Mackenzie Dr., E., Markham, Ontario ). Now , We find it hard to keep this good intention. We...
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    Collecting ID and Personal Information

    A common topic of discussion is CT's practice of requesting and recording personal information, before processing a return. The official web site on Returns, Refunds & Exchanges (Returns, Refunds & Exchanges | Canadian Tire) states: "Your name, residence address and phone number will be...
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    Buying Batteries From Canadian Tire - Warranty Issues, Etc.

    The threads on Canadian Tire batteries are very popular, especially when it comes to warranty issues. To get things started, I don't think people realize that the following thread is about batteries:
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    Returning Unwanted Goods - CT Has the Worst Policies

    A topic that deserves its own thread is the Canadian Tire policies for the return of unwanted goods. Note that this is NOT the same thing as a consumer returning: - A defective product. - A product that is not fit for its intended purpose. (Defective and unfit products are discussed under...