Marilyn D.:

WOW, horrible expereience in your Sault Ste. Marie store today. I needed a quart of paint tinted and stood at the counter for over 10 minutes and was walking around the area looking for an associated to help me get this paint tinted. No one to be found, no where, so i went back to the paint counter and waited again. Meanwhile there were two gentlemen standing a bit aways from me but behind me but never noticed that one was an associate or manager as he had on a white dress shirt. I got fed up waiting, as it had been over 20 minutes waiting for someone, and started to walk away and said to the one gentleman with a coat on ( he was stnading with the assoc/manager) the entire time " well, i guess they don't want my business today" The man in the white shirt turned around and said very rudely tone " IS, there something I can help you with" I said, yes, i needed an associate to tint this paint for me? He said" well this is my department, I can help you with that' I was shocked and said " i've been standing here for over 20 minutes and looking around for someone to do this for me, and you've been standing there behind me the entire time CHATTING with your friend ( mind you, both these gentlemen were around 50 plus years old !) all the while i waiting to PURCHASE an item. He repeated condescendly not once but 3 times IS, there something I can help you with. I was aghast at the tone and the neglect of a customer so he could have a chat with his buddy............ I said " no, not now" and put the can of paint on the counter and walked away. He laughed............... actually thought it was funny. I purchase paint on a continual basis as i redo furniture all the time and spend a LOT of money on the quart sized cans as I don't need full gallons.................... COlour your world now has my business ! Never again Canadian Tire !

Evan F.G.W.:

Who's idea is it for floor layouts? The Canadian Tire store in Brandon, Mb really sucks. I hear constant complains all the time on how the store is laid out. I was told the new owner don't want to pay for storage so they have shelves from top to bottom stacked to the nines. The shelves are so tight together it makes for difficult times maneuvering carts around. Seems every couple months when I go in everything is being moved around. When you want something it usually has to involve an employee to get it down for you to look at. Amazed there hasn't been employee claims yet working at heights like that. Displays are hung from the roof. Who wants to ask to get patio furniture or exercise equipment down from the roof to try out? I used to spend thousands between home and work for supplies. The old owner was very good in giving old pricing if I missed a sale or if it was upcoming and I couldn't come in I was treated nice and fair with the discount price. This new owner when I ask for a sale price am told new owner new policies and that is not one of them. Sorry to say I have taken my business to other local places such as Home Building Center or Home Depot. Heck even approaching the store for any donations for a non profit association falls on deaf ears. Told closer to the date they would do something.....time comes, get the brush off or not even a call back. I would like to hear how much this new owner has given back to the community. Will be very hard to get me back as a regular.

Joey J.:

Bad experience with your company, and i'm ticked right off. We purchased 3 "Blue Planet" shelving units, and a dolly to wheel them to the taxi...and then home. Spent 150 bucks at the store, and got them home. One of the units was shorted 4 legs. I emailed customer service last night (no reply yet). Called Customer Service, and was offered the mailing address for the manufacture, to have them mail me new legs. Then, called the store, and was told to bring the shelving system in...and they would replace it. I'm NOT taking the shelving back (via taxi) to replace something that wasn't my fault. Instead, I have to take time off, spend TTC fare, and go through the hassle (why do you need my contact information to give me 4 legs that SHOULD have been in the package that I purchased? (maybe if that's policy...my policy should be to take the cashiers contact information before I buy something...so I can call him/her when there is a problem. Anyhow, so after taking the afternoon off, going to the store to get the legs, and going through the "return" process....I got nothing in the way of empathy/sympathy/acknowledgment of my inconvenience. No "sorry" no "thank you" nothing. It felt almost like it was a huge inconvenience to the employees, to provide me with something that I purchased with money that I earned. I can see all future purchases being made at Home Depot (using their delivery system) which, if any items are shorted contents...they send their driver out with the parts...no problems. This whole process ended up costing more than the initial cost of the shelving/taxi's. Who ever is looking after the customer service at Main and Danforth.....needs to cheer up...and realize that customers are the ones responsible for their jobs!

Nicole B.:

Have just had a nasty experience at Canadian Tire. Bought a Wolfgang Puck Pressure oven there a few months ago. Recently it won't shut off. Drive an hour into Camrose to return it only to be told that the product is not in there system therefore we did not buy it from them. Pretty much told us that we were stupid and liers for saying we bought it there. I then pull it up on my phone to show them that Canadian Tire did carry it. A lovely lady came along that worked there and confirmed that they had carried them.
Next: do you have your receipt? No, was told that the new cards kept your purchases on them so no longer needed a receipt.
Long story short, walked out with a different oven.
Will NEVER shop there again.
Nothing like making someone look to be stupid on front of other people.

Melissa B.:

So disgusted with Canadian Tire. Time to boycott. Their return policy is impossible. Receipts says easy returns but the store will not return an item as the plastic has been opened. They say they can not resale an open item. Any other chain store would return no questions asked but this store time and time again. They have to be so difficult and refuse to take back a product in an exchange for a more expensive item. Calgary Country Hills.

Mahatmat MCM:

Came in for service at the Canadian tire on kingsway in Edmonton,I was from Fort McMurray, with a clutch problem I noticed on the highway after they diagnosed a possible problem, the technician recommended that and a brake/clutch fluid flush, they did not place the cap back on the resivour back on, then they washed the car (which I was happy about first) drove away and the next day when I started my car the speedo and other gauges wernt functioning so I took a look under the hood to try to figure it out, noticed the brake fluid cap missing after they washed the vehicle (brake fluid deteriorates when in contact with moisture even from normal humidity, and will decrease beak fluid when it is contaminated) so I went back and the service manager was off that day but they found the cap and placed it back on, what irrated me the most is the fact that all of that happened right after dropping it off at a place like Canadian tire where I thaught I could trust and they didn't even to bother to test the fluid and when I asked them to they said it was within 1% of being perfect so that proves they just wanted to rip me off with the recommendation of the fluid flush I am never going back to another Canadian tire especially this one ever in my life. The store manager said they might refund me but would talk to the service manager first but he called me (his name is wayne) and wouldn't try to resolve anything I get that mistakes happen but all factors pointed to them trying first to recommend services that wernt needed and sabotage.,

Stef R.

Called your store in Abbotsford BC today looking for a product I could not find on your website. The girl at the desk at first told me you carried the products but was not sure if you had the specific variety I was looking for (I was trying to shop at your store before another one) I asked her if she could look? Then she said she would transfer me to the department. The phone rang and I could hear it being picked up then instantly being put on hold with music. I could understand maybe they were busy. Then the phone rang again, only to hear the click of being picked up and being put on hold again. No message, No asking if I could hold. No answer. Very rude and poor customer service. I am going to a different store for this product

Jackie C.P.:

I'm staying true to my promise not to deal with Canadian Tire any more when our hood flew open after leaving Canadian Tire when they did our emission. They won't own up to their mistake. We had been on the highway three days earlier going out of town & our hood was fine. The hood was fine when we closed it after the incident. They said they did not NEED to open the hood but it doesn't take a genius to figure out they DID. I gas twice this week & didn't use my GAS ADVANTAGE MC. I also have C.T. Roadside Assistance & another of their credit card. They've lost a good customer.

Bendan K.:

After loosing my receipt for a $24 fire extinguisher which i payed cash for i was told i basically am SOL and cant even receive a store credit. As a business owner myself i was in position to spend some good money in the Whitby south store today and after this, i went else where. Your return policy is not very good and need to be reevaluated. It works for those who pay by card but those who still use cash are frowned upon!!!

Salis B.:

Was very very unimpressed with the service I received today. Came in for a simple tire patch and was rudely told it was impossible, the mechanic then proceeded to swap my front wheel with my rear wheel and then tried to charge me the labour for it. After much unhelpful negotiation I did not pay for this "service" when I returned to my vehicle my tools where scattered all over my car not tidily in the back seat where I left them. Not to mention the dirty wheel and tire was left in my passenger seat leaving dirt and mud inside the car. Not happy at all and I won't be recommending Canadian tire to anybody in the future. Save yourself the time and go somewhere else because I received very poor service and was treated horribly

Tealquilla S.:

Canadian Tire LIndsay, Dishonest, we will never go there again. Please be careful when you take your automobile to the Service Department at the Canadian Tire in Lindsay, Ontario. It is our opinion that they unnecessarily replaced part in our vehicle, we sent an email to the store owner, John Fox, and requested a refund; of course, he denied our request. Also, we did not receive our replaced/old parts back and were not asked if we wanted them back - which is against the law, I believe. After 2 days, they could not fix our car, it has to be towed from Canadian Tire to the Dealership to get fixed, they kept telling us they have the top of line diagnostic equipment, but, after 2 days, did not get our car to start even though they replaced the starter which cost $450.00+. We personally went into the store and ask if they would at least cover the second tow charge from their shop to the dealership as they could not get our car to start, another $50.00, and they stated it was not their fault but our cars, I beg to differ as they could not get it fix after having it for 2 days. Just be careful and ask the right questions before authorizing any work, we feel that they are dishonest, we will never go there again, learnt our lesson.

Trevor A.:

Just finished shopping at Camrose Canadian Tire... Bought lots of small things...Finished paying.... I ask for a bag, and got told that they no longer give bags.... I guess this will be my last time to Canadian Tire...thanks for all the good years

Meghan R.:

Your stores manager was so uncaring so rude and can not admit they did something g wrong I want a huge change from the Trenton ON location it's a really the worst store ever I will not return to this location and possibly never return to any Canadian Tire I want head office to message me. They didn't admit they were wrong. The whole crappie tire is going down the garbage shoot. This isn't what the old Canadian tire used to be when I was young. The whole cooperate don't care thing is disturbing and worrying me. I am a paying customer I have spent over $10,000 or more on your products since I was a kid. If head office does not investigate and have a secret buyer and overview of the Trenton Location I am lost for words. This whole experience is troubling and a slap to my face if nothing being done I will tell others about my experience on yellow pages, Google pages and more about it. I'm dead serious I hate to complain so Darn much but the lack of customer service sucks. And does not acknowledge they also wrecked My transmission solenoid on my car. I had to scrap it cuz of it. You guys don't have a care if the world for owing up to your mistakes. Please retrain trenton store employees and management

Benjamin G.: Now that Rona is open in our town I vow to never spend another dime in Canadian tire. They have pathetic service and sell low quality product.

Josh T.:I wont be purchasing from Canadian Tire anymore, they do not stand behind their products nor provide parts, what a scam

Lelik B.: dear Canadian Tire, why do you demand customer's phone number, full name and address while returning $3 screwdriver WITH RECEIPT? Nobody in Canada does that, even large US retailers that you so proudly distance from. Why do you want my private information and what do you do with it? Knowing that next time store manager will demand this information or REFUSE THE RETURN stopping me from shopping at Canadian Tire in the future.

James K.: Since Canadian Tire has started supporting hunting by selling weapons, I will no longer shop there. I cannot support any company that glorifies the harming of living creatures, and the resultant unbalancing of ecosystems. Not that I expect that this will make any difference to Canadian Tire, since there are enough bloodthirsty hunters out there to more than make up for the amount that I used to spend there, but please know that the decision to open hunting sections was not positively received by all of your customers.

Stephanie S.:

Terrible customer service at your Niagara Falls Mcload road location. Went in the store 2 min till close ( yes that can be annoying ) but they still let us in the store and then wouldn't help us as everyone proceeded to tell me that they close in a minute. So you actually turn business away because no one can stay 10 minutes after their shifts ?? What a joke. I have been in the customer service industry for years and this is just horrible service. Not only did the store loose a 300$ sale but they lost a customer for life ! Very disappointed !

Laurent H.:

This is unfortunate. I in good faith purchased an insurance package. Then when I tried to activate it they said no. Now I'm leaving the Canadian Tire I purchased it at without my money and without the assurance because they cannot, by company policy refund it. I now have to wait 5 weeks to get my money back.

Lenik L.:

dear Canadian Tire, why do you demand customer's phone number, full name and address while returning $3 screwdriver WITH RECEIPT? Nobody in Canada does that, even large US retailers that you so proudly distance from. Why do you want my private information and what do you do with it? Knowing that next time store manager will demand this information or REFUSE THE RETURN stopping me from shopping at Canadian Tire in the future.