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My experience with CT in general Sucks. This is the worst Brand Name store I have ever shopped at. A few years ago, I purchased a pair of tire chains, then only find out it was the wrong size they recommended to me. I had to buy another pair in different location. Tried to return the wrong pair in the original purchase place after 3 days, they refuse to do so. I called the store next day to speak to a general manager, she was rude and didn't really care. When I told her that I wasn't satisfied with my experience, she just told me to complain to head office in Toronto. As I did, I found out when she didn't care. The head office just kicked the ball back to that store and stated that they had no control of individual stores because they are franchise owned. I also filed a complaint to BBB, and guest what? Same result. So I had to stuck with a pair of tire chains, End of the first story.

Two weeks ago, I bought a powered screw driver for $10, used a few times, didn't really like the performance and decided to return it. I went to the store on No.3 road in Richmond (it wasn't the store where I purchased item from). As soon as the customer service rep saw the receipt, her attitude changed 180 degrees. First she mentioned the item wasn't purchased here. After I pointed out at back of the receipt(saying that you can return item in any store), she then saying that I can only exchange it because it was been used. I told her I was really in a hurry that I will buy it next time, and I just need my money back now, she said she can't do it. I then told her to call for a manager. After another wait, a manager came, but she was on the phone, so I had to wait again. She was nice enough to let me return it, but the the customer service rep went helping another customer. Another wait, by now, I was really pissed off. When she finally began doing he return for me, I was already really late for another apportionment. Then she began to ask my personal information without a proper explanation, I just couldn't hold it anymore. I shout "I just need someone for a help please". The store manager came, instead of a simple apology and finish the return for me, he started to accuse me disturbing other customers and saying he would call police to put me in jail. I just didn't have the time to fight with him, so I left store.
If any of you ask me if I will ever shop at CT again, I will tell you HELL NO. I will not only stop shopping at any CT anymore, I will also make sure all my family members never step a foot into any CT again. And I will highly recommend all my friends, and YOU, not to spend your money there.