Kristine M.:

Canadian tire has the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. Bought a bike from them it broke(after 5 rides around the block)and they wouldn't take it back. Even requested to apply the cost of the bike to a play structure I planned on buying from them(therefore they would make MORE money) but still no. The manager is rude condescending and arrogant. Not that it is worth anything but I will no longer shop there. The head office is useless as I was told it is up to the store manager. Well some standards of client services should be followed across all stores

Jaysin H.:

I will never go to your Hull location again. Was there for 30 minutes wanting to buy oil, until I got impatient and left. There was none left on the shelf (penzoil syntheic 5w20). There was only one guy working behind the parts counter, trying his best with a lineup of at least 10 people. Didn't see anyone else in the department.

Steve R.:

Dear Canadian tire. I thought you were better than the experience I just had. I needed fishing gear. I'm visiting from 2 hrs away and since you have a pet section I thought I might bring my tiny (12 yr old) dog and get her perhaps a new collar and some treats. I was approached by a staff member about my Dog. So when I asked was told pets were allowed. When your manager approached me on my way to customer service to inform me she needed to be in a cart (like I said TINY dog with tiny legs and feet that would slip thru the wire cart). I disputed because she is no trouble to be on a leash. So in case your wondering why I returned every purchase, you made us feel very unwelcome. Your an outdoor store....with A PET SECTION!!!!! Not to worry Home Depot allows pets. And they don't have a pet section. They do it to encourage ppl to not leave pets in hot cars. I will get my fishing gear elsewhere....and pet products. In fact I will make sure every pet owner I know sees this. ‪#‎crappytire‬ ‪#‎sillybusiness‬


Today was suppose to be a happy day where I could enjoy the Mothers Day holiday with my husband and son. Instead I was lead around Brampton only to be greatly disappointed.

My good friend bought a play set for his son last weekend at the McLaughlin and Hwy 7 location and got a great deal.

So off we went today to get one for our son. First we went to our local CTC location at Shoppers World where they didn't have any in stock but they looked in the computer and told us other stores that had stock and said it could be price matched.

So off we went to the McLaughlin and Hwy 7 location where they also didn't have any stock but helped me and called the Heartland location which did have stock.

They called the store to confirm they would price match for us. This call ordeal took about 20mins as the CTC worker wanted them to double check with management before sending me over but in the end I got the awesome news that they would match the price and that they had them in stock.

So off we went to my husbands work to get/borrow a truck to pick the really large box and we headed over in 2 cars.

When I got to the store they had my name and the product number sitting on the desk. I told them I was there to pick the play set and about the price match. But all of a sudden they didn't/couldn't price match. They said the store called and they did verify but they were wrong.... I then asked to speak to a manager at which time one came and then quickly dismissed me and asked the workers to call back the store that called them to verify what I was telling them was true.

They then told me that it was the display price that the other store had which was untrue. I know and have proof that my friend bought one for the price I wanted and the display one at that location was still there.

After trying to explain and advise what they were telling me was untrue they handed me the Store Managers "business card" and told me I could call him Monday.

I then had to walk outside and disappoint my family which was awesome!

I have never been so insulted and upset. Disgusting turn of events that took up 3 hours of my day for nothing...


Aanpreet K.:

Please do not buy anything from Canadian tire. They have worst return and exchange policy. Ones you buy something from them you stuck with life time if you don't like. So I highly recommend don't buy expensive stuff from then otherwise you will end up keeping it. Few weeks ago I brought dyson vacuum and went to exchange for higher level I was refused because it was used.

Lindsay A.:

This doesn't surprise me about this store. It has sub par service at best. I will never support this store again. If you don't like being around Canadians then move to some other wore torn country and see how you like it jackass. We are all one person. We support each other. Canadian

Wanda K.:

Canadian Tire you need to look at who makes it possible for your company to exist !!!! Disgusting how you treat people in times of a crisis and need !! Change your name to the Great old mighty Dollar before people store and leave Canadas name out of it cause you are NOT truely Canadian !!! Canadians help however they can and even put their needs etc on hold in order to help another person !!!!
As of this date Im Boycotting your store and am encouraging , along with others , to follow suit !!
Hope you can live with yourselves and your many dollars brings you happiness and great health !! NOT !!!!

Jessica B.:

Absolutely disgusting! Purchased two brand new bikes on May 01,16...the back end completely fell off of one and the chain came unattached, not once...but three times before I left the driveway on the other . With receipts, we were told absolutely nothing could be done on one and only a repair on the other. You spend hard earned money to purchase things, and even with receipts, within the return policy STATED ON SAID RECEIPT, there's "nothing that can be done" with defective product. This will be the last time anything is purchased at Canadian Tire. Shameful.

Angelo M.:

Buy Canadian? No more. I am very disappointed in the customer service at the Winston Park Store in Oakville Ontario. I purchased a Storage Bench today, took it home and discovered it was missing parts, Took it back to the store and waited a very long time at the Customer Desk waiting for them to bring me a new one, I even called ahead and took them 30 mins to "find a replacement". I asked if they were offering any kind of concession on the hassle and the lady at the counter said she was not authorized to do anything for me and I would have to speak to the manager, I asked for the Manager, she pages for the Manager, seconds later he calls her, she gets off the phone and said, that I need to call Customer Relations, I explained my concerns and explained the inconvenience, and just got a blank stare, Maybe Canadian Tire couldn't or wouldn't offer any discount or concession for my troubles, but not even a single apology, and after asking to speak to the Manager, he couldn't come out from wherever (store was rather quiet). I even said "Do you understand my concerns?" and a blank stare, so I said "i guess not", then finally she said sure but you just need to call. I do intend to call, however this is so sad, I've had such a good experience at Lowe's on a similar situation and they went above and beyond, and the Store Manager spoke to me personally and thanked me for my business and apologized. Canadian Tire has lost a customer, and also my respect, I wanted to support "Canadian" but you have left me no choice.

Nicole P.G.:

So mad right now!! I ordered a gazebo online that said was available and then received a cancellation notice a week later, stating they could not fulfill the order. I then ordered a different one, also stating that it was available to ship. And today, I received ANOTHER cancellation notice. I checked and this product is still showing as available on-line. Taking my business elsewhere. I don't mind waiting the two weeks for delivery, but fed up the cancellations. If you can't fulfll orders, don't show that stock is STILL available online. Unacceptable.

Robert E.:

I have a complaint. So I went to the Canadian Tire on Rylander in Scarborough. I picked up ten bags of Scott's seed along with ten of the tearaway coupons on your shelf for $3 off. I went up to customer service with my phone on hand with the Rona site up to price match (Rona's has it for $10.99 vs. Canadian Tire's $18.99). The first customer service person (forget her name) told me that they needed a physical copy of the flyer and to go home and print one out and then come back. I drove all the way home, printed what Rona had and went all the way back to the Rylander location. At customer service, the customer service person (Lisa) was like,"I don't know if we can honour multiple bags". I told her there is nothing in the policy indicating that you don't and she played all dumb. Phone Irwin the manager. Irwin said to put the price match through for Rona. Lisa then fumbled with the printout I gave her telling me that it doesn't have the date on it. I told her that this was what printed off when I clicked Rona's e-flyer. She said,"For all I know you printed this next year. I pulled up my phone and showed it to her. I wasn't about to go back and print something else. Then I gave her the Scott's tearaway coupons which were hung up in the aisle. She looked at the back and said,"Sorry, it's one coupon per transaction." I asked why I wasn't told that BEFORE I left to waste my time printing an e-flyer with them knowing fully well how many bags I wanted since I left them right there. "Sorry, that's policy." I was told. I asked her to get Irwin the manager to come down. I told Irwin I had already made one trip home and now I am beinng thrown up more roadblocks for something that should be simple and also, it's not like Canadian Tire won't get their money back in the first place from the vendor. Irwin told me that is was one per transaction so I would have to walk and and out of the store ten times to use ten coupons. I told him that was fine. I'd do that if I needed to. He threw up his hands and said to me,"You're just ridiculous!"" He then told Lisa to,"Just put it through!" as he turned away to slink off to the back. My wife, standing there with our newborn, said to him very calmly,"Excuse me, but how is he being ridiculous? He's following the rules that you guys are laying out for him. There is no need for insults." He went off without responding. In all, what should have been a straight-forward transaction (compared to any other vendor who gladly accept as much money as you want to give them) turned into an ordeal. Clearly you have a supervisor and a manager, both of whom are on power trips. I'm okay to play the power trip game one time to give them a sense of self importance. BUT 3-4 TIMES IN ONE TRANSACTION I AM GIVEN THE RUNAROUND? Unacceptable. I've never felt so insulted in a store by being referred to as ridiculous. Maybe I am, but it is not the place of a Canadian Tire "manager" to tell me so. I will not be returning to the Rylander location again, nor will I be returning to any Canadian Tire until I get an apology and this situation is remedied. This was a complete waste of my time which is valuable to me. I spent thousands at Canadian Tire annually.

Still fallout from this. Too bad each owner can do anything they want:

Cheyenne V.:

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No shortage of these:

Joseph E.K.:

As a Newfoundlander I expect this to be followed up on and let the public know of how this employees was disciplined , that is discrimination and he needs to be terminated I will also be bombarding your head office with calls to make formal complaints and I urge all Canadians to do the same , also I will never step foot inside of another Canadian Tire store ever and I am urging my family and friends to do the same
Neil L.:

Hi canadian tire,
First off I want to start off by letting you know that I am a long time customer who has always been pleased with your service and have shared positive feedback in the past with my friends regarding your company.
I also wanted to inform you of a terrible visit I had with the auto department today at your Woodstock, ON store. I had just been in the store and made ~$50 in purchases today on some misc. items that I could have easily purchased at a competitor. One of your staff kindly informed me (noticed) that I had a flat tire - I asked the cashier if service would be available to top it up as I had a few blocks to drive to my home and they insisted that I could.
I then ever so kindly approached one of your open service bays to ask the gentleman (I use that term loosely) closest to the air lines if I could get some air in my tire. He very rudely responded with a "No - you will have to talk "to the guys upfront"" At this point you may likely understand my frustration. (It takes all of 20 seconds to air up a slightly low tire)
If my tires need to be replaced - I know where I won't be going moving forward after getting treated like that.
Sincerely a very un-impressed customer.

‎Jessica E.:

I am absolutely disgusted with your new Father's day commercial and the message it could be sending to the young kids fhat could be watching.
It would be one thing to air it late at night once a child would likely be in bed, but it aired in the middle of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I won't be shopping with you again.
Stefanie G.:

Canadian tire langelier auto department must have the WORST staff possible. I have been trying for a month to get an appointment for my car starter and they have been giving me the run around. Because this is taking so long the warranty on this particular installation is now up.
I will never give my business to this place again. Despicable.

Michael S.:

Wow Canadian tire. I've just had the worst experience ever at one of your stores. I came in the change my winter tires to my summers I came in just after 4pm. I'm still at the store and it's almost 7:30. I authorized for two of my summer tires to be replaced. 3 hours later the call me up to pay and they are charging me for 4 new tires. That was not what was authorised. They then offered to take the instillation charge off. That is not acceptable. I didn't make the mistake. So now to fix the problem they are making me wait another hour while they try and find my old tires. Unmount the wrong tires re mount the old ones. And now on hour 4 I'm still waiting. This is totally unacceptable and there is zero regard for my time. I will never ever come back again. Canadian Tire