NO Price match on mispriced items. Or Clearance!


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Just bought two beach mats for $9.99 on the 26th of July.

However this week of the 28th, walked through the store and saw the mats were on sale for $6.99. I pulled out my receipt and was given a look as if I was the town idiot who had soiled his pants. "NO, we don't price match RED tag Sales!" I said, but the mats are still priced at $9.99 in the bin I pulled these from but $6.99 at this bin. "They likely misplaced the RED tag SALE poster. I then asked what are you talking about. All Canadian Tire sale items have a RED tag? No reply, just eyes rolling up into her head as the teenage teller had to get back to her reading. After all this was a self serve aisle and she was not there to serve!

I then said, why don't I buy these at $6.99 and return them with the $9.99 receipt. She called on her phone to her manager and told him that. She laughed on the phone and said "I thought so". Turned to me and said "NO".

I said, when did Canadian Tire become such an inhospitable place to shop. Of course no answer. What jerks work there. :grumpy2:


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A Price Match is when the CT store said that, if you shop at their store, they will sell an item at the price that was advertised by a competitor. There are plenty of stories of customers being ripped off when CT refuses to honour their promise.

What you've described is a Price Adjustment, where the CT said that, if you bought from the item immediately, should the item go on sale in the next while, they would give you a refund of the price difference. There are plenty of stories of customers being ripped off when CT refuses to honour this promise, too.

The common theme here, is that they made a promise to you and all customers, in order to get your business, and after they have you in their store and/or have your money, they suddenly don't want to fulfil the promise that got you there in the first place.

They want to 'have their cake' of getting your business and 'eat it, too' by avoiding the cost of the incentive that convinced you to deal with them instead of their competitors.

Sorry you had to,learn about this the hard way, instead of hearing the warnings ahead of time from sources like this web site.

No wonder people say, "Canadian Tire Sucks!"
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