CTC fined for gas price fixing


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I just heard this on the radio that CTC has been caught price fixing gas prices in Southern Ontario.

Anyone hear this?

Anyone surprised??
We've been following this for a week. And similar stories for some time.


The Crappy People are quick to falsely accuse innocent consumers, but reluctant to own up to their own wrong-doings.

This above is PERFECT example of provable fact that you choose not to read what is posted, or you read it and choose to ignore it. There are many posts on this site by owners, myself included who outright do not support fraudulant behaviour of owners in tax fraud, price fixing, expenses etc.....
You may not just a few short days ago that I posted these words in a related thread

"As far as the couple of gas station owners caught price fixing, hope they get what they deserve. As you always like to say, against the law is illegal...and nobody under our banners would support what they were caught doing."

Of course you would not have acknowledged such, because you're too one sided, biased and full of your own BS to realize that we are human, and 98% of us operate within the rules.

I might also add that you find the few cases over many years where dealers have done crooked things. Fine, pick on those wrongdoings all you want, they are wrong and shouldn't have been done. BUT - If there are 3 or 4 active dealers that are braeking the rules, that means there are 480 other guys under the CT banner doing it right, legally etc.... and hundreds more under the petroleum banner. Plus with decades and decades of retired dealers, that adds thousands more. So if the ratio of crooked dealers to legitimate dealers is that significant, I'd say that's about right. Always going to be few bad apples, and we don't want them.
This morning we were treated to yet another incoherent post by the strange and bizarre "Owner 1".

What was this "perfect example"? What was the "provable fact"? What evidence is there that someone chose "not to read what is posted"? What proof is there that someone chose to "ignore" something?

Besides, what's wrong with a consumer exercising their right to ignore the bizarre rantings of a confessed "owner"?

Very typical of the vague and unsubstantiated claims that so-called "owners" have been making here for years.

Wise readers have learned long ago to simply ignore their ravings.

"There are many posts on this site by owners, myself included who outright do not support fraudulant behaviour of owners in tax fraud, price fixing, expenses etc....."

How are we to know what they do or do not support, behind closed door? When they think the Competition Bureau isn't listening to their phone calls?

But based on the many stories posted here, they don't seem to support law and order, or even the rights of goverments to impose any rules in the first place.

Not the kind of people we should trust, to be sure.
It's hard to be sure what Moaner 1 is so unhappy about.

Probably that big conviction of his beloved Crappy Tire.

Too bad you can't run your gas bars, any better than you run your stores.
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