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Well, I came across this board while looking to make a official complaint to Canadian Tire head office but since they apparently don't have a means of doing so I'll vent here.

I work 9-5 but I am desperately in need of evening and weekend employment. There is a Canadian Tire right across the street from my office, so I thought it would be a decent and convenient place to work. I went in there to fill out a application and drop off my resume about 3 weeks ago. I requested to meet the manager in person, but they claimed he wasn't there and assured me they would get the application to him then I watched as the employee put my resume and application in a drawer somewhere.

The next day, I called and e-mailed both the store manager and the HR manager who is in charge of hiring. No response. After work I went into the store and asked to speak with her, the employee called her, and she claimed she was to busy to come meet me and if I would leave my phone number she would give me a call. Still no call or response to my e-mails. I have been to the store in person several times since then, making the same attempt, but she is either not there or can't be bothered to speak with me.

I'm not begging for a job, or trying to be pushy, all I simply wish to know is if SOMEONE in charge of hiring has received and looked at my resume. For all I know, it's still sitting in the drawer the employee put it in. I understand people are busy and they must get tons of applications but if I am going to take the initiative to call, e-mail and meet face to face, the company should at least have the common decency to let me know what happened to my application. Canadian Tire ought to treat their applicants with more respect.

I don't want to sound pompous, but I have a good resume, I am responsible, hardworking and punctual. I see no reason why CT wouldn't want to at least give me a call to come in for a interview. Half the employees I see at Canadian Tire look like slobs wearing ripped jeans, skater shoes with stains all over their uniforms. You could wander the aisles with a lost look on your face holding a product for hours and noone will come to help you. I once went to CT once to get my skates sharpened and waited about 20 minutes for someone who knows how to work the machine come do it for me. Poorly run company from what I can see.