Rude and incompetent Employees At Canadian Tire Boulavard Angrignon , Lasalle , QC


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Last week, I was at the Canadian tire to purchase Castrol titanium synthetic motor Oil on special for $32, all over the store I saw another type of Castrol Synthetic Oil that was marked for the same price but non had a Titanium written on it. So I proceeded to the main counter at the auto part section, after having the misfortune of meeting a person with the badge name " Charles Ludwig" who told me that the two oils are the same even though they looked completely different because their Canadian tire code was the same, I continued by letting him know that it is not possible because there are no Titanium ingredients marked on the box. Also that other type of titanium oils are available such as 0-40, 5-20, ... but the only one that is missing is the popular 5-30 grade.
to my surprise , he became extremely rude and while throwing ( better said, aggressively sliding) the bottle on the counter towards me, said "here it is all we have, if you have any complains go to the Castrol website and file a complaint, because they have changed their boxes and not changed their labels properly"
I could not believe me ears, where someone was blaming the company for his shortcoming in locating an oil container and how rude a person must be to be able o get away with this.
I will never buy anything from Canadian tire again , I also had several experiences with other employees at that Canadian tire, which has been far from pleasant .