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I walked in there as a last resort a few months back to get some bolts and misc items. I don't like the staff (previous issues) so I attempted to use the automated checkout, which of course wouldn't work for me. It said "wait for the attendant", but there wasn't an attendant. I picked up my items and walked to the Customer Service desk and complained about no one looking after the automated checkout where I was greeted with an ignorant female who told me about how it's not her problem and she's tire of customer complaining to her. I asked for a Manager and told him what had happened. He couldn't have cared less. He listened and I told him of her ignorance and rude behaviour right in front of her but neither cared. I left and this was actually when I determined to never set foot in a CTC store again and I haven't.

Napanee has a really wonderful Home Hardware and that's where I get what I want now.