Toni Kushner

New member
We tried to return an air nailer that has never been used. Why has it never
been used, because it does not work. When we went to return it, we were
told it must be taken to a repair shop. What a stupid deal. Return a brand
new tool to a repair shop, and DO NOT RETURN TO STORE!!

What is that all about. Just take the darned nail gun, give us another and
stop with the red tape and all the usual Canadian Tire run around.

No wonder you won Canada's Marketplace' Worst Retailer Award. You deserve

I will be passing our story around to everyone we know. Your policies are
just what one would call LAME!

Thanks for nothing. Don't really think Canadian Tire will be one of our
usual stops ever again.

Toni Kushner

New member
So I said I would not blame the tool repair man. I still won't, but he was so rude to us when we went to get the Nail Gun. He would not show us if it worked, and he would not tell us what was wrong with it. He flipantly told my son, he'd have to go thru the paper work, and then he said do you know how many nail guns I have fixed. Well, all I can say, is WHAT A JERK.

I am going to try and get thru to an actual Canadian Tire person to severely complain, and I am not going to stop until we get an apology from someone somewhere.