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Yesterday Iwas into Canadian Tire on Mountain Rd in Moncton for a motor vehicle inspection. The mechanic indicated that he felt there was a mechanical flaw in my vehicle. I disagreed and indicated that i would get a second opinion. I was paying the bill and as a result felt that as a customer it was certainly well within my rights to do so. At this point the mechanic became rude and arrogant and self righteously indignant. I remained polite and professional and reiterated that I disagreed with his opinion and that I would seek an alternate one. This morning I did just that. This time I went to a reputable facility that does not have mechanics employed on piece work. I received my inspection with no issues in a courteous professional manner. I feel that the mechanics working by the job actively look for anything in order to make a paycheque. A Motor Vehicle inspection is a license to gouge a few bucks out of the consumers wallet. Today I returned and spoke with the service manager and expressed my displeasure with the service. To my surprise this individual was equally as argumentative, self righteous and as rude as the mechanic. (Lead by example I guess). Not only did he ignore me he argued with me the length of the counter and out the door. I work in a very senior role that sees me interact with my national client base on a daily basis. If I ever spoke or interacted with my clients the way these two rude ignorant individuals did i would deserve to lose the business.. With this in mind I will NEVER shop at Canadian Tire again and will make it a personal mission to express my disgust and displeasure with every person i interact with. There is no excuse for ignorance and stupidity. As the saying goes “You can’t fix STUPID”.
Hi, Scott

Many of us on this site have also been mis-treated by the people at Crappy Tire, and it can be expensive when it's a vehicle repair.

You will find may similar stories on this site, as well as on the Crappy Tire Facebook page (

Lately, stories from facebook have been getting posted here:

Thanks for reporting this outrage, so that other consumers can learn to avoid Crappy Tire's shoddy repairs!