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Canadian Tire Home Installation (Ontario) does garage door openers, heating and cooling installations.
We did the garage door installation.

People, DON'T USE THEM. Run away!

The garage door installation is hanging by an extension cord. Whaaaa? Now we need an electrician to complete the work.

Their customer service at CT Home Installation sucks. We went up to chain to supervisor and it still sucks. No satisfaction.

I hope that our experience has shown you that this is one area of this awful company to stay far away from.

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Hi, Oshawa Girl:

Thanks for letting us know about this brand new way in which Canadian Tire sucks!

You know, the business papers were saying how CT is trying to expand into new aread, to shore up their diminishing sales. So, one would assume they'd be falling over themselves, to encourage people to use this.

Instead, they seem to be failing yet again, as they seem to do with most things they try, LOL!

Somehow HD seems to make it work OK.

This is just too funny!

Thanks again for the timely warnings.