Stupid Management


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Has anybody had any crappy experiences with the management and their ideas of good management?

I have seen so many rules get broken at the store I work at. My personal story is most likely minor in the scheme of things. But I did get two teeth knocked out at work. In the warehouse. When I said something to the warehouse manager, I was flat out told they won't be paying for it. Too bad, we refuse to pay the deductible. And they could not afford the rates going up. I was asked why I would even try pulling a stunt like that. EVEN WITH A BLOODY MOUTH. I eventually went to the dentist and put it through on my insurance. But I guess they don't spend money where they don't have too.

Last winter, I had to go for surgery. I was given a months notice for this where I then proceeded to tell the Executive Assistant(handles payroll etc) a month in advance. She wrote it on her calendar. When the last day came, at the end of the shift. I asked for the lay off notice so I could apply for sickness benefits. Nope, I did not mention it to her. WTF? Oh yeah. It took three days to do it. And this is not unusual for her. One coworker had to wait two Friggin weeks. To fill in the blanks on a form any monkey could do. But not to worry. She's had people fired before for whining. Just yell how they "threatened" her. Yes this happened apparently. And yes I was in the next room and heard no loud voices. And she did not think that this happened until 6 hours later. True story.....

Anybody else have any stupid stories