The bogus scratch and win event

I live in Gibsons,about 10 miles from the CTC store.I saw in the new flyer an item on sale that I needed for some time now to finish a kitchen project.NEW KITCHEN FAUCETS.So I take myself to the store and flyer in hand make my way to the section where the items are displayed.I found the said item and it was out of reach.I wait and I wait and then go looking for a sales person.To no avail.they all seem disinterested and overworked.Finally an older female comes along on her way to the back room and I asked her if she could get the item down from a very high shelf.She says in a condescending tone..."there might be one down already"...and then just walked away into the warehouse section.I wait and I wait somemore for her to return but she didn't.Then a nice young guy comesalong,a stock boy,and iasked him the same thing and he rushed around and found a ladder and was about to pull the item down when a supervisor guy came along with a little hand held stock computer and he stopped and was watching the kid and I told him what was up and if that was the item on sale listed in the flyer.He punched in the numbers on his little computer and told me no that was not the same item.Although it looked identicle but the SKU numbers were different.He said nope not the same ,we don't have that item and never did carry it.I asked well where is it?At a different store or what?He said he didn't know but possibly it was at a different store.My frustration came to a head and walked out.I wonder if they advertise that item knowing full well they don't carry it and have these scams to get you into the store along with the bogus scratch and win thing.And that's another rant.Here goes.I went to the same store a couple of months ago with the said scratch and win card.I was going thru the till with about $160.00 worth of merchandise and the girl at the till was about halfway thru ringing it up and I pulled out the card for scratching and she said she couldn't accept it unless she cancelled it all and started again.I said OK start again.She then said that would require a supervisor over-ride and this that and the other thing and pissing and moaning with her grade 5 education and I said forget it.I scratched the card right there and then and guess what?It was 25% off and she woudnt go for it.What a crock of shite.NEVER GOING back