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I took my car to a Canadian Tire Shop and had a tire installed. When I came to pick up the car, Doug handed me a lug nut and said that it was damaged when they removed it and they did not have a replacement in stock. I work in a garage so I told them that it was "no problem" because I could probably get one and get someone to put it on for me. I asked him if it was safe to drive and he said “Yes, that it would even pass a safety”. The next morning when I asked one of our mechanics, they looked at the nut and at the bolt and found the bolt was ruined as well. They could easily tell (from looking at where the damage was) that the damage had been done to both when the nut was being put back on and that the bolt will have to be replaced. I went back to Canadian Tire with one of our mechanics and the manager there got very irate and refused to even discuss the issue with us.


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Pretty much the same thing just happened to me.
The Dalhousie store in Calgary destroyed one of my wheel studs by cross-threading the nut onto it
with an air wrench, and then refused to admit they had even touched it.

I'm am 100% sure it was fine when I brought it in.
These people flat out lied to my face.

Best of luck with your situation.

what was the car in for?


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Another tire issue, same store. This one posted to their own Facebook page. The problems continue, I see. Such a shame:

Jąŷ-Sĭn Dŕűëŧt: I have an issue...i went into your winnipeg, unicity store and purchased a moto-master AW at 205-75-R15 well they installed a 205-70-R15 and well after being parked right after it was deflated because wrong tire size...well here is the big problem, not only did i sit in ur store for 3 hours i am now here another 3 hours stuck while im waiting for you ll to fix your mess up.. I dont think thia is right, 6 hours total ive wasted to buy your product and have it installed...not very good canadian tire...not good at all
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Update from Lin Cripps:

Lin Cripps Almost 3 months now and Can Tire, Unicity, Winnipeg has still not dealt with my complaint, just how long should it take to pick up the phone and make that call????