Toronto, Yonge st


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My power steering went. I don't have a proper location or tools to fix it myself right now, but I decided to call ahead to their parts dept. to see how much the parts cost.
I'm told the high pressure intake hose cost 70 and the other one 40. Pump without resevoir is 110, with, 190. Prices are a little high, but they want their markup for profit, so fairly reasonable. I take the car in, and the desk guy at service then tells me the hoses are $150 and $110 respectively! I called him out on it and he had nothing to say, just looked away in silence. They then did give me a decent deal on fixing it, it only needed a clamp, and they waived the 40 dollar estimate fee. So they fixed my power steering for $1.23 total. Free parking. Couldn't help but feel it was because I caught them lying and doubling their prices.