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This has been on my mind for a while, and with spring hopefully making an appearance in a few months, we can all help get the word out early!

This was posted on Canadian Tire's own Facebook page, on this warm-for-mid-January night (only -5!):

Jim Hiebert: Watch out for Canadian Tire! I bought a bike from them with the assurance from the sports department that I had 15 days in which to return it if it was not satisfactory. They refused because they don't take back assembled bikes - the catch, even tho they assembled it - assembly was a paid for service. So buy the shelves, assemble - you know the rest of the story.


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Well, after jumping the gun on Christmas (in hopes people would buy from them, and not any competitors), CT is now jumping the gun on Spring.

This includes a thread on their Facebook page on 'what to consider when buying a bicycle'.

This will likely mean a new round of horror stories about the crappy bicycles they sell, and there poor service, Reuters policies and warranties.

(Do they even know they are acting as straight-men for jokes at their own expense?)

Here's the first:

Collin Hutchinson Not getting it from canadian tire agreed cause everyone ive bought it broke one way or another in a day lesson learned lol


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Ken Wayne White Find a bicycle specialty store to buy from. No offense, but the sales people at stores like this know nothing and cannot answer the needed questions.

Robert Vipond would not buy anything other than a childs bike there. Bikes are not durable and do not have quality parts. Do yourselves a favour, buy a bike from a bike shop and get years of enjoyment from it. I am not an expert cyclist... but do average around 3000km per season.

Christopher Atkinson Yes...customer service at Cdn Tire is terrible... I wouldnt ask a salesperson there cuz I can never find one when I am there. and once i travel six aisles away..they say they will send me someone...a teenager most times...that doesnt care or knows less than I do about my bike purchase....let alone anything else....


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um if the bicycle is actually faulty,i reckon you would have the same rights under the SOGA that would definitely allow you to demand a refund.however dont quote me on that.


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About a day ago, CT started a new thread asking, "What are the most important things to consider before choosing a bike?"

The first surprise: the sheer number of responses: almost 1000 in the first 24 hours alone.

The second surprise: how many, many people had this to say: "Don't buy a bicycle from Canadian Tire".

Literally hundreds of people took the time out to write that, each one saying a similar thing, all on their own!

I've done a copy & paste to a text file, of a lot of the comments.

I'm going to try to summarize them, or sort them or something.

But this one kinda sums up the whole marketing fiasco:

Nate Rigos Whoops!! Looks like this one got away from you a bit hey Canadian Tire? Not smart for a promoted post.

Yup, not smart at all, to choose a summer-only product you sell that has notoriously poor quality, assembly, sales, support, policies and warranties. Then, try to promote that product ... before the snow has even stopped falling!



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I sorted through the hundreds of warning against buying a bicycle from Canadian Tire, posted during the first 24 hours of the thread.

I've come up with a couple of general categories.

First, I'm going to list comments that said, "Don't buy a bicycle from Canadian Tire", without offering any specific reasons.

Next, I'm going to give the ones where an explanation was offered.

Finally, I'm going to post specific horror stories from Canadian Tire's very own Facebook page. If these show up after the first 24 hours, I'll try and keep grabbing them, before CT has a chance to delete them (they seem to be falling behind on their "Customer Service", LOL!)

OK? Here goes!

List #1 - People who answered the question, ""What are the most important things to consider before choosing a bike?" by saying something like "Don't buy it from Canadian Tire".

Tammie Meisner Sarkar Don't buy it from Canadian tire should be the most important

Joseph Carione the most important thing is that you don't ride a canadian tire bike...

Bidou Whiteduck Not buying a bike at Canadian Tire...

Ingrid Kell not buying it from canadian tire!

Fernand Serre The most important thing about choosing a bike is not choosing from a Canadian Tire store!

David Pawn dont buy your bike at canadian tire they always fall apart !

Jakeup Townsend First, don't buy from Canadian Tire

De La Chris Hearn First off, make sure you don't buy it at Canadian Tire.

Darryl Poulin the most important thing is to not get it from Canadian tire

Charlie Jahn The most important thing is not to buy CCM at Canadian Tire

Dan James Not buying it at Canadian Tire.

Lisa Rose La Saga the most important thing to consider before buying a bike,, is to NOT buy it from Canadian Tire : P

Bryan M Green Not buying one from you

Bob Thomas Not Buying a Bicycle from Canadian tire! Is the first Step!

Lindsay Shann don't buy it at Canadian Tire. lol

Sterling Haglund dido don't buy from CT!!!! to funny!

Jake Bull Not to buy a bike from you.

Branden Domitrek first thing you want to consider when buying a bike, not buying from Canadian Tire

David Ouellet first, ask yourself if you really should go to Canadian Tire to buy a bike.

Rémi Allen To make sure it doesn't come from canadian tire.

Mathieu Senkus most important things to consider before choosing a bike;Dont get buy a bike from canadian tire

Jason Wannamaker Don't buy one from Canadian Tire.

Eric Beram not to buy it from canadian tire maybe

James Feeney Not buying it at canadiantire!

Martin Lindquist The most important thing to consider is NOT getting a bike at Canadian Tire.

Cindy Nock not to buy one from Canadian Tire

Josh Doyle Don't buy a bike at Canadian Tire.

Craig Michie The store, don't buy it at Canadian tire....

Nicolas Siegfried dont buy it from canadian tire

Raquel Telford the utmost important thing you ought to adhere to when purchasing a bike, is NOT to buy one from Canadian Tire!

Robert Grant Don't buy from Canadian Tire!

Brent Martin Don't buy one from Canadian Tire!

Andreea Cocari Never buy a bike at Canadian Tire

Robin Postnikoff That it is not from Canadian tire!

Jason Krist by not buying a bike from canadian tire.

Dot Sheppard first most important thing, dont buy it at canadian tire

Kin Lo Make sure you don't buy it from Cdn tire.

Chantal Foucher to not go buy it at canadien tire

Michel Madaire Make sure it's NOT from Canadian Tire, TRUST ME.

Nikita Brusnitsyn Number 1 tip! DONT BUY BIKES FROM CANADIAN TIRE!

Will Langford Don't but from Canadian Tire!!!! Or should I say China Tire. LMAO

Brent McNeil Not to buy one from Canadian Tire....

Rob Lange Not to buy it at Canadian Tire...

Justin Bagg Go somewhere else to buy it anywhere else!!

Jason Schaetzle dont buy it at crappy tires

Darin Pilon Not to buy one from Canadian Tire.

Mark Buddenborg Consider not buying at Canadian tire.

Michelle Thrush Consider where to buy it! And Canadian Tire is NOT the place

Lawrence Kennette Not to buy it at Canadian Tire..

Jake Bruer Not to buy a bike at crapy tire

Natacha Lemire don't buy a bike from Canadian Tire :)

Dawson Hallonquist TO not buy a bike from Canadian tire.

Eamonn Cairns To not buy it from Canadian tire

CT Challenger

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um if the bicycle is actually faulty,i reckon you would have the same rights under the SOGA that would definitely allow you to demand a refund.however dont quote me on that.

Oops, I just quoted you, LOL!

But, yeah, if it's defective, it should be refundable. The problem is, the cost and hassle to fight CT in court. If it costs $50 or $75 to file a claim, and the bike only cost $200 or $300, it can be tempting just to scrap it, and vow to never shop at Crappy Tire again.


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Oops, I just quoted you, LOL!

But, yeah, if it's defective, it should be refundable. The problem is, the cost and hassle to fight CT in court. If it costs $50 or $75 to file a claim, and the bike only cost $200 or $300, it can be tempting just to scrap it, and vow to never shop at Crappy Tire again.

and this is why again and again CT get away with it....


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and be honest what self respecting guy out there doesnt look thru the flyer and say 'yes im not ever going to CT again.....but look at the deal they got on the mastercraft socket set....'


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Lots of people look through the flyer, and think that they won't have any in stock. Or the tools will turn out to be crap. Of if something is broken or missing, they won't get a refund or even just an exchange. Of they decide not to support a business that has such poor policies and terrible service.

No, I'm not even tempted, no matter how good the deal might seem, at first.


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Well, I have a theory on why there was so much traffic on CT's "buy our bicycles" Facebook thread. I think they did another one of there mega-spam things, hoping to whip up some early interest in spring-related purchases. Instead, people jumped at the chance to warn their fellow Canadians about the perils of CT's Crappy Bicycles.

So, last time I posted a list of people who posted to CT's FB page and simply wrote, "don't buy a bicycle from CT", but didn't give a reason.

Now, for List #2:

I'm posting the various reasons people gave on CT's Facebook page for steering clear of CT, when it comes to bicycle purchases.

A lot of reasons were given, but the seem to fall into the following groups:

- It's better to buy bicycles from a specialty shop, in general.
- CT is not a good company in general.
- CT has poor return policies in general.
- CT has even worse return policies for bicycles.
- CT staff are incompetent at assembling bicycles.
- CT prices are higher for bicycles than from other retailers.
- CT sells bicycles that are of poor quality, too heavy, flimsy or otherwise inferior.
- CT staff don’t know how to select a bicycle, adjust it, train you, etc.
- CT doesn't service or repair bicycles.

Here is the advice, from your fellow Canadians, in response to the question, "What are the most important things to consider before choosing a bike?"

Ryan Taylor Not getting it at Canadian Tire is my 1st consideration.Your customer service is crap.

Daniel J. Yergeau How much cheaper is this same bike at Walmart?

Ward Hehn Not to shop at Canadian Tire

Rob Hollingsworth Friends don't let friends ride Cambodian Tire bikes. Spend the very little extra and get a good bike shop to set you up. Keep your dollars local. When you need help they will be there.

Jacob Kehler If you don't want your kid to look cool,..shop at Canadian Tire, If you want a bike that weigh's 50 lbs and rust's while riding through fog, chop at Canadian Tire.

Marc Gauthier Go to a speciality store, not at Canadian tire.

Alisha Hedrick I agree, if your going to purchase a bike it needs to be from an actual bike store.
Also, make sure your ready to spend some $$. Nothing worse then a $200 bike.

Jeff Leatherdale Has not been a decent bike come from CT sense the early 90's . In fact I still have that bike. 1 speed supercycle (used to be red and white, now just mostly rust) the value in the bike was there when bought, bikes now are cheaply made and over paid for!

Gary Beemer Quality and service, which means spending a little more at your local bike shop where you will find a bike you will want to ride for a long time. A quality bike will last forever with regular maintenance. No offense CT but I have seen many people buy one of your bikes then leave it in the garage because they are not fun to ride, have terrible componentry, weigh a ton and do not last. There are many great entry level bikes out there....ask a friend who rides one for advice.

Sean Allen Whitelock When choosing a bike, never buy it from Canadian tire. You'll always be disappointed with the way it rides, There is no repairs there.

Tim Brown where to go other than ctc, they sell crap

Brad Ewen Don't go to Canadian tire! support your local bike shop. Canadian tire bikes are price point junk it's just that simple. Not to mention Service you won't get it at CT.

Reinhard Rudersdorfer Going to a repudable experienced Dealer. Don't go to Box Stores.

Jim Mitchell when it comes to bikes, support your local bike shop.

Stephen Mears don't buy fom C tire go to your local bike shop, better bikes service and value

Silvio Dicembre Not from c.tire. They r crap

Micheal Caughell Sorry to say this but with quality of the bikes at Canadian Tire. I would have to say to find a retailer of quality bikes.

Roger Dawson Where you buy it...not can canadian tire. Im just saying your bikes suck.

Ana Amelia Garrido Canadian tire sell the WORST. Bikes ...quality ? Ha!haha! Canadian tire have no quality at all..

Ana Amelia Garrido Yeah! Many accidents because Canadian tire assemble so Wrong.

Frank Prevey The most important thing is to by it from an actual bike shop!!!! Canadian tire sells disposable bicycles!!! If you want an actual bike that will last and function as a bicycle stay as far away from canadian tire as possible.....

Edith Christmann Buy a quality bike, NOTt a box store bike!! Who will give it a tune up and do repairs?? Does the bike have quality parts....is it worth fixing?

Malcolm Crawford Avoid Canadian Tire and go to a place that is qualified to sell bikes.

Pat Mcdermott Whether or not it is a disposable piece of crap, like the ones they sell at Canadian Tire!

RJ Pisko Any bike shop EXCEPT Canadian Tire . . . trash; horrible assembly & setup.

Brian Fletcher The first most important consideration is quality, ie; do not buy the absolute JUNK that they have the audacity to call a 'bike' from CT. Thanks Lyle, yes support your local IBD where you will receive proper advise, a bike that is well made, proper fit and additional parts and accessories.

James Lloyd junk junk junk

Konichiwa Tecson Libunao never buy a canadian tire bike...they are junk!

Dale Spence One word......quality. If you're not going to bike much...it may not matter! I bike at least 5000km a year. Would not go to CT to look for a bike.

Justin Bernard Not buying one from Canadian Tire. No offense, but the bikes are not made to last.

Matt Gowing Even the most expensive bike at CT is garbage compared to a similar priced bike from a proper bike shop

Kyle Marshall dont buy these they are cheap junk

Matt Janes The return policy of the retailer. Kijiji has a better one than Canadian Tire does!

Taylar Wall Buying a legitimate bike from a reputable bicycle shop rather than a poorly made/ assembled one from a 16yr old pat-time employee at a big box store

Paul John Wadge The most important thing for me, is to drive RIGHT PAST Canadian tire and not stopping till I get to a store that has customer service and "Specialises" in bikes!! I look for QUALITY not junk!

Chris Beynon You should consider whether you want a good bike or a bike from Canadian Tire.

Jonathan Williams consider if they brand of bike is sold at canadian tire. If so then purchase a different brand.

Chris Gordon Nixon Agree with Robert. Canadian Tire bikes are junk.

Dirk Heinke Never let a family member ride one of CT's Chinese made death traps...

Jason St.Germain You don't buy your groceries from a gas station, so why in the hell would you buy your bike from a hardware store? Its all second quality junk people! And its been assembled by a minimum wage shelf stocker that can't even spell bicycle! If you want a bike, go to your local bike shop and support local business!

Charlie Ehman Not buying one from Canadian Junk...

Duane Ensing One really good question is WHY CANADIAN TIRE HAS A NO RETURN POLICY on all their bicycles... #builtlikecrap #wewillsellyougarbageifyoudontreturnit

Scott Thomas Make sure I don't go to Canadian Tire and have my bike built by an uniformed 16 year old too busy staring at the checkout girl and not my brakes.

Mourghen Mack Corr Buy branded bikes. They can even outlive your car. Canadian Tire bikes : SCRAP

Scott Riordan Ya crapy tire sucks for bikes

Jonny Thatsthewayyoudoit Bens First thing is to make sure it doesn't come from Canadian tire

Brian Redmond Do I want the bike to last the summer or should I buy it at Canadian Tire?

Erin Ferguson Buy from a retailer who allows for returns on faulty bikes, ergo, not Canadian Tire.

Paul VanderStam the most important thing: why would anyone go to canadian tire to buy one of their cheaply made P.O.S. bikes? Go to an actual bike shop, that sells bikes! And reps who actually know what a bike is, not some n00b who get paid min wage, and never rides! jeez ppl!!

Scott Thomas If you're looking for shoulder shrugs from a min wage teenager with no idea about what product he's looking at - head immediately to Can Tire...or just try to build a bike yourself from random parts you find in your garage - each equally frustrating.

Simon Prine What bike store I will buy a good bike from, not a store with no customer service.
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When Canadian Tires spammed Canadians with the unwanted question, "What are the most important things to consider before choosing a bike?", there was an outcry.

There were a lot of warnings like this one:

Bennett King that its not from Canadian Tire​
There were general comments list this one:

And there were more specific warnings like this one:

Lindy Loulou I have a Giant bought it 7 years ago i still love it. I bought my 8 year old his first big kid bike last summer. We did not even consider buying at Canadian Tire as you will not get a good bike at Canadian Tire.​

But there were also many personal horror stories that were posted as warnings to their fellow Canadians of the perils of purchasing a bicycle from "Canada's 'No Returns' Store":


Collin Hutchinson Not getting it from canadian tire agreed cause everyone ive bought it broke one way or another in a day lesson learned lol

Ingrid Kell bought one for my daughter too hard to ride and they won't take it back...

Johnny Borton Bought a bike from Canadian Tire last summer, quality price, Double checked everything, Bearings where shot after one week, front wheel colapsed after 2 weeks, so they replaced all parts, Pedal snapped off the 3rd week. $150 for the bike on sale 3 trips back to the store. Told them to shove the china made bike and spent $800 on a real bike that will have a full warrenty at the local bike shop.. I guess we all get lemons..

Lisa Rose La Saga No way dude. i support my local bike shop. and in my experience,, all those bikes are useless. maybe if u just wanna take a stroll on a bike,, it MIGHT stay in one piece. otherwise they fall apart.

James Lloyd canadian tire bikes are junk ,i know i owned enough of them ,i agree with lisa rose la saga
James Lloyd put 4300 kms on a canadian tire bike in 6 months ,crank was worn out ,gears wouldnt work properly

Rose McEachern That the store you buy them from hasn't had them forever. Had a bad experience last year the tires were no good and Canadian Tire didn't give a damn.

Lee Clifford I bought a bike from Canadian Tire last year, the pedals fell off on the first ride, and when I brought it back they told me no refunds on bikes! Thanks Canadian Tire!

Keith Freeman Agree not buying it from Canadian Tire!! Plastic brakes, I put them together one time...crap! If you don't love your kid get them a bike there!!

Benjamin Baena Canadian tire bikes are not very good quality for the price. You are far better off to get a nice used bike from kijiji or craigslist. Same price, only with better, lasting components and a nice frame. I encourage everyone who is thinking about getting a bike to take a gander. Old Raleighs, sakais, schwinns, bianchis, all for the same price of some junk with plastics no nsame components from Canadian tire. Just get some steel wool and a tune up and your used craigslist bike will last yearss longer than the Canadian tire one. More enjoyment too.

Linda Lee Elofson we got my grandson a name brand mountain bike at C.T. and it had problems right away, we brought it back and we had to wait 3 weeks for the REPAIR guy, when we got it back it was worse and there was MORE wrong with it, we brought it back and waited another 3 weeks, we got it back when it was too late to ride it and it never did work and is still sitting in our shed we paid over $200 for the damn thing...be very careful....even Walmart might be a better bet, we have gotten little kids bikes there and never had any problem...look online and do your research first!

Justin Ward I bought a Raleigh bike from Canadian Tire about 4 years ago. I really only got it for temporary use while my $3000 Trek was in the shop. The crank arms broke and the inner tubes both burst. Haha

Enrique A. Tan II If you want to buy a decent bike, go to a local Bike shop not Canadian Tire. I'm an avid cyclist and I once had to tell a couple at a Canadian tire checkout counter that the fork of the MTB they were buying was put on backwards . . . LOL

Nancy Thompson We bought a bike from Canadian Tire, we didn't know that that the front wheel was warped until my husband took it for a ride down the street. The wheel wobbled as he took it a short way down the street and back, and then the peddle fell off! We brought it back to the store right away, receipt in hand, and they did nothing to fix it. We had to take it home and live with it. I say, carefully inspect the bike you are going to buy, before you hand over your hard earned cash.

Rob Owsianyk I would never let my kids ride a new bike from canadian tire. Last summer my neighbors son took a couple nasty shots to the crotch when the pedals fell off their cheep crap. The manager knew there was a problem with all of them so he just gave refund. They used to sell good bikes years ago not no more. Now all my kids bikes I buy online garage sales and thrift shops. Kids grow parents sell off there old bikes for $5-10 all the time. I have $75 invested in three mountain bikes one front and one full suspension. A solid freestyle with a nice gyro and pegs and the coolest dual suspension Dyno scooter I have ever seen. Yes I have had to fix some of them a bit. Sad to say but I would trust more then any of the cheep junk they offer now.

Richard Provost Don't buy bikes from Canadian unless you want stuff to fall off mid ride. I bought 1 bike and it fell apart caused some road rash and soreness. Stick with dedicated bike shops, better bikes and far better service.

Kyle Onda Brown Not buying it at Canadian Tire!!!!! Bought my wife a bike at Canadian Tire last year. Turned out to be a useless piece of crap! Never again!

Jen Iverson Do not buy here. One for my son lasted all of 2 weeks before the gears and brakes were shot. Not worth the two hour drive to fight with them about warranty. Buy elsewhere. A good bike shop will offer to buy back at at least half the original purchase price within 2 years if well cared for.

Cheyenne Ebert Nr . 1 don't buy cheep Chinese made bikes from Canadian tire ! Cuz it is just waste of your money . I did it twice and learned my lessons , but it did cost me the price of the bikes and ruined summer fun !

Ron Kresack Most important is not to choose a Canadian Tire bike...speaking from experience

Andrew TheArtisan Meuser Whether you can return it if there is a problem. Oops, Canadian Tire will not return a bike. They have a small sign at the back of the store to inform people about it, rather than having the cashier tell you before you pay.


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Now that the spamming is over lfor the bicycle thread, the posts have dropped off.

But there is this one addition:

Scott Carson trust me supper cycles are actually one of the worst bikes out there cheep china parts on it just fall apart i rather get a good use older brand name or a bike from a bike shop then a crappy big box bike


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One more:

René Fourneaux The most important things to consider before choosing a bike is... a car is faster, and Supercycles are really cheaply made so don't buy from Canadian Tire, buy from an actual bike shop


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CT decided yet again to spam Canadian Facebook users about bicycles. Will they ever realize that their bikes suck?

Fernand Serre I've owned a used SuperCycle Challenger from the mid 90's and it lasted me longer than a new one from 2004, If only they can make SuperCycles as good as they used to be.

Fernand Serre I bought two SuperCycles and one Raleigh between 2004 and 2007 and I was having major issues with them just days after buying such as breaks and gears busting, bearings in the crank and wheels failing prematurely, the frame shedding off a bunch of its paint and rusting, rims breaking in half from the weld, spoke flying off the wheel etc etc.. My best bet would be to get a Schwinn brand bike from Canadian Tire since it's the best bike brand they have to offer in their store. One thing that never changes, "You get what you pay for"

Fernand Serre Canadian Tire bikes have gone from being okay quality to being absolute garbage.

Fernand Serre Raleigh and Supercycle bikes now fall apart before you can even leave the parking lot. Lol

Roger Meunier Im sure this was back inthe day when CCM could acually build a good bike in this country! Other then this ccm china junk!! just saying

Pawel Bozek Will never buy a bike at Canadian Tire ...Chinese made and after there is a issue with it...you on your own!!!! loosers


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Spring time brings out the bicycles - and the complaints about the shoddy ones sold "as-is, non-returnable" at CT (but without any advanced warning to the trusting consumers, of course):

Kassandra L.: I am normally a supporter of Canadian Tire as it is a respected Canadian retailer.
However my recent experience has proven to be quite problematic. I am Extremely Disappointed with the service that was provided when I purchased "Everyday Kensington 26-in Comfort Bike". I left the store and the biking experience was extremely poor, I then went to return the bike to the store and was told that this specific store had a "No Return Policy", I explained my concern as I was only notified of the "No Return Policy" POST purchasing the bike and unfortunately when I raised this issue I was told there was nothing they could do "Store Policy".
This return policy is completely irresponsible and very disappointing for such high ticket priced items and in such an era of customer service. Or in Canadian Tire's case NO Customer Service!
Very Disappointing and Completely Unreasonable.

Heidi R.B.: DONE WITH CDN TIRE! Imagine with me if you will. A mom and dad save up to buy their daughter her first bicycle. Mom goes and selects one from Canadian tire, over Walmart, to support a Canadian company, even though said comparable bike is $30 more at Canadian Tire. While there mom speaks with two gentlemen, informing both that this bike is a surprise for her daughter whom is not with her. They were helpful in selecting a great bicycle and training wheels and a helmet. Cashier, also friendly and helpful. Mom gets home and while her daughter is over the moon happy, the bike is much too big for her, she can't even ride it. Then mom pulls out her bill to find on it, no returns on preassemble bicycles. No signs in the store, no notice from three employees she had contact with. Nothing. Now they are stuck with a bike that's not suitable and unable to afford the cost to replace it. It can not even be exchanged for a smaller one apparently. Canadian tire robbed a seven year old of a great summer with her first bike due to their sneaky and hidden policy regarding bicycles. I hope your proud. I will return to Walmart next time instead of purchasing from a Canadian company, as they actual have a return/exchange policy if your purchase is unsuitable.

Tara S.: I got a new bike 2days ago from CT and its totally faulty, gears grind really bad and the front shocks stick down. They told me I CANNOT return it or exchange it because they cant resell it. All they can do its get a bike guy to look at it. (Same bike guy who obviously didn't build it correctly the first time and couldn't even get the decals on straight) so I am out $260 on a faulty bike!
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Canadian Tire has spammed a bunch of Canadians on Facebook again, this time about bicycles.

In response, those Canadians have given Crappy Tire an earful of their heart-felt opinions. At least is serves as a warning to other Canadians about Crappy's "non-returnable" policy on bicycles!

Liz C.: Find the bike that's the right for me? Hire a bike specialist for your bike department! Maybe I wouldn't be stuck buying a bike too big for me! The sales associate had no time or experience in that !!!

Liz C.: I called the Canadian Tire store and spoke to the manager about my bike and it was too late to exchange the bike !

Liz C.: Really unhappy with the CCM bike I bought 3 years ago at Canadian Tire !!!

Alcor N.: Ya find the bike that's right for you. But if Canadian tire puts it together, you better make sure they did it right because their bike techs suck. I've heard more then one story or poor assembly that could've caused serious injury.

Grey W.: too expensive

Shawn T.: Comment removed?? Hmmmm..

Charles M.: Thats one lazy bike. Must be from canadian tire. lol. Jk.

Yeah, this guy did find himself playing defence on this topic. Do you thinkg he's actually good at his job, or is he too incompetent to realize it? He certiainly seems clued out!

Martin W.S.: Trust me not all Canadian Tire Bike techs can be held so such low standards. I happen to be one of them and I go a hundred miles before making sure that the customer is happy and safe with the bicycle they purchase.


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Well, not everyone is buying the crap from the whiny bicycle tech:

Darlene B.: @Martin william salter you must be the exception to the rule for bike techs at Canadian Tire. The service I DONT receive at Canadian Tire remains consistent, including any inquiries I made about bikes.


The CT spam had a picture of a person carrying their bicycle. Lots of people noticed this and included it in their negative comments about Crappy Bicycles:

Gerald S.: Suport your local bike shops. The prices are competitive and unlike CT, assembled and serviced by a professional bicycle mechanic.
You'll also have a shop you can return to that services what they sell and they can easily get the parts you'll need unlike so many of the CT bikes jammed with low quality china made crap.
But do yourself a favour if you're looking for a bike, go see your local bike shop. Your salesperson in most cases will be passionate about biking, be a rider him/her self and will know more about bikes hands down than the pimple-faced part-timer at CT.
I've seen my local shop turn service work away when people bring in their CT (or any dept. store bike) for service. They say the parts are often hard to come by...... so take it back where you bought it........can't say I blame them.

Ash R.: I bought a bike at Canadian tire and it was crap. I tried to return it and they gave me a really hard time.

Tony V.: Bike at Canadian tire now getting fixed trash 2time 3weeks bunch clowens

Sar B.: That picture is pretty accurate, you will be carrying your Canadian Tire bike as the derailleur won't be set up properly making shifting an riding impossible

Danny B.: Canadian tire doesn't sell quality bikes, just cheapos... Good for children and the elderly mostly

Steve S.: Good for children? I doubt that as well.

Erik W.: Go to a Bikeshop and get a professional fit. Not much more money and you'll still be able to have children afterwards.

Ryan L.: You will NOT find a good bike at Canadian Tire

Gerald D.: I bought a ct bike. Broke immediately. Store manager said you get what you pay for and attempted to fix and made it worse.It will make a good boat anchor but thats about it.nice pic reminds me of the first day I rode it.

Ryan M.: Everyone i know who ever bought a bike at canadian tire, including myself, had to get there biked tuned somewhere else within the first month of owning it. bikes are assembled like garbage. Everything's loose and whatever doesn't come loose ends seizing because they don't oil or grease anything.

Burdett L.: The bike for anyone is NOT!!! At canadian tire lmfao

Ryan F.: Support local bike shops. Canadian tire sells badly made bicycles.

Keith M.: The only reason to buy a CT bike is to see what you want on a REAL bike. Brakes on my SuperCycle mountain bike burned up on the first mountain trail. Literally burned up - 3 molten dripping mass, 1 a charred mess with smoke stains on the frame! I replaced brakes, seat, pedals, tires, and all cables. Then bought a real mountain bike.

Sandra T.: Bought a bike last year for my son was never built right ...so we took it in for the Tec's to look at it was the same when we picked it up...so we left it again ...finally they gave us a new bike ( keep in mind this bike was only 2 weeks old) ..several months later the gears were not working right. The staff is less then qualified to recommend a bike and the tec people do not seem to know how to diagnose or fix the problems. It is a shame I spent allot of money on this bike and well lets just say I will never go to Canadian Tire again for a bike I give it two thumbs down :((

Michael P.J.: Buy a bike from a bike shop! Professional help! Would you let someone who never rides build you bike? Would you let a baker fix your car?

Chris S.: Trust me. Canadian Tire has low quality bikes. I would never buy a bike from this place. The proof is in the pudding.

Kin L.: Friends don't let friends ride bikes from Canadian Tire ;)

Steve H.: The ad is about finding the bike that's right for you. I'm sorry but I don't want to carry my bike anywhere. And yes Christina mah you can ride on those rocks but only with a good bike!

Mike B.: The picture accurately depicts what you will be doing on any rough terrain on a Canadian Tire "mountain bike". ',:)

Bill R.: If you buy a Canadian bike. That is how you have to do it. Like in the picture. The bike rides you. They are junk.

Jeannine E.: The return policy is: no returns or exchanges in bikes. The second you leave the store you are SOL if you change your mind or if anything goes wrong. I ended up selling my brand new bike on Craiglist at a loss due to tailbone injury (not caused by bike). Since then I have refused to ever shop there again - 4 years and counting!

Jacob B.: I also bought a bike there and that's just what happened to me in Edmonton ! I was so mad

Ernie E.M.: And make sure if you do buy one you check over every nut, bolt, screw to make sure their tight! and make sure the aren't using cut washers for spacers on the calipers!!

Jean T.: Never buy a bike from this store. They are junk. You would be better off buying used. Ask any bike mechanic. (Not one that works there)

Esther W.: I bought a bike from there and my tires crapped out on 4 months and i was biking on only cement

Monte A.: Canadian Tire does not sell higher quality bicycles. If you need a bike for just a year or two, then go ahead. If you want to get even mildly serious about cycling, buy a better bike than the ones at Canadian Tire.

Michelle C.: Dislike Canadian tire bikes are garbage

Anne D.: I feel better now after reading these comments. Had back surgery years ago - tried the bike in the store for a few seconds then brought it home - called the store a 15 minutes after arriving home because I tried in front of my house and I could not ride it! They refused it. I know have a Brand New Schwinn 3 wheel bike in my garage that I need to sell? I am in Montreal and have the adult 3 wheel bike for sale - paid $400. with tax. BEWARE - THEY IS NO RETURN ON A BIKE FROM CANADIAN TIRE. My last purchase there.....
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Eldon J.: Getting a third degree on my return really turns me off buying anything else there.
You're a Canadian store.
You should act like it.
Three people to inspect my bike on return?
Maybe if they inspected it like that before it left I'd still be riding it.