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I think C-T has some of the highest value wrenches and square drive going and has had for years.

We're starting to see competition at the mid price range, high quality, level but C-T has owned this space for years.


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I thought this site was for consumers, and not for CT representatives wishing to advertise their product lines?

Just sayin' ...


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If you glance at the name of this forum, you may notice it reads, "Good Things About Canadian Tire". Go ahead and read it.

I have never worked for Canadian Tire and I've had some negative experiences with them. I've had far more positive experiences with them than negative, though.

My toolbox is full of MasterCraft hand wrenches and square drive pieces. They have been doing a great job for 25 years and I expect the person who gets them when I die will pass them on to his children.

At least around here, MasterCraft was the first brand that sold smooth, well finished, wrenches at a reasonable price. If you couldn't afford Snap-On, MasterCraft was a great second choice. Other lower end wrenches were cheaper but were rough finished and simply not in the same league.

Kudos to Canadian Tire for creating an excellent line of products. I don't think they are the amazing value they used to be, as they now have quite a few competitors, but they are still at the top of that market. This is my opinion.

I like this web site. I felt comfortable posting some negative comments about C-T in the experiences forum. It wasn't a brutal hash of C-T but it was far from a glowing endorsement on a battery purchase experience. It's great to be able to share the good with the bad. This is very helpful to people looking for info. Kudos to the CTS owner/operator.


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I think C-T has some of the highest value wrenches

Canadian Tire wrenches are a poor value when they are not on sale. The CT profit line depends on people buying singles when they are not on sale, and you'd be a fool to buy a kit when it's not on sale.

even when they are on sale, there are lots of tool vendors that systematically have better value for money than CT. I notice the neighbouring Home Despot sells sockets and handles less than CT does.

still, when they're on sale, CT tools do have good value. However, i find better prices at places other than CT (both on and off sale), and that's why i choose to shop elsewhere whenever possible.