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I just got back from having an oil change done at the Mapleview Dr. Canadian Tire location. After waiting over an hour to have the change done in an EMPTY garage and signing what I assumed would be the price I would pay, I was shown the bill that was around $15 more than the price agreed upon.

It was pointed out that my car needed more than the 5L included in the price (the guy said MOST cars need more than what is included in the package, which makes their advertisement rather dishonest, I think).

This is disappointing and dishonest but understandable, although not drawing my attention to the possibility is either careless or underhanded. I was assured that the price I signed was the price I would pay. Otherwise, I would have gone somewhere else.

What was unreasonable was being told in the pissiest of attitudes that "we're not going to give you $11 worth of oil for free" by a guy who needs some customer service skills slapped into him by his management. I wish I had recorded this guy's name, but I wanted to get out of that store as soon as possible.

As a nice finishing touch to this last oil change I will ever have done at Canadian Tire, my windshield wiper fluid light, which was on when I pulled in, was still on when I pulled out. This small "extra touch" wasn't even attempted, although it was advertised as being part of the "package." I had to fill it up when I got home. I suppose paying over $100 for an oil change and some foul attitude wasn't enough for them to also top up a cheap fluid.

Other garages will get my repair and maintenance business from now on. Steer clear of the Mapleview Dr. garage if you want anything approaching pleasant customer service and people who will draw your attention to hidden details what you will end up paying for later.