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    Grudges, Complainers and Other Retailers: Canadian Tire Still Sucks!

    One of the tactics used by the Canadian Tire Defenders, is to claim that the tsunami of complaints against CT is meaningless. Often this is just a 'brave face they put on', in response to the many floods of complaints, often on their very own Facebook page. (And often triggered when they pay...
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    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
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    ex canadiantire auto service apprentice

    I worked at the #304 shop for my 1st and half of 2nd year apprenticeship. I have seen countless amount of bullshit during the time I worked there, but I will just give out a few examples. A customer had a concern about his heater not blowing hot. I looked at the vehicles and determined that...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Auto Repairs - Unnecessary, over-priced, incompetent, incorrect and incomplete!

    There certainly are a lot of complaints about automotive repairs at Crappy Tire stores. This thread can be a place to collect the many stores of unnecessary repairs and over-charging. As well there are stories of incompetence, and also incorrect and incomplete repairs. For stories about tire...
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    Canadian Tire Complaints on facebook - People Hate Crappy Tire!

    I wanted to rename the other "CT facebook" thread, but it looks like I can't do it. So, I'll just start posting on a new thread. The old thread with the litany of recent complaints is still here...
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    Stanley Fat Max 400 Stud Finder

    My wife bought this product almost a year ago. It never worked correctly. We have so many unnecessary holes because of it's inaccuracy. I decided to give it one last chance today when I was installing a hose reel. I would of been better off guessing. So, wondering what I have for options. I'm so...
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    Defective Air Nailer Canadian Tire Won't Refund

    We tried to return an air nailer that has never been used. Why has it never been used, because it does not work. When we went to return it, we were told it must be taken to a repair shop. What a stupid deal. Return a brand new tool to a repair shop, and DO NOT RETURN TO STORE!! What is that...
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    Feeling Rather Ripped Off

    So....I take my father's car into Canadian Tire to have two front struts replaced, an upper shock mount bolt drilled out and replaced, and a wheel alignment. I haven't lived in Canada for 15 years, and it did not occur to me that a garage like Canadian Tire would mislead me. The repair to...
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    CT Auto service at Dundas and 403 - what a service...

    I went to CT at Dundas and 403 to have my breaks fixed.. Seemed like the pads had to be replaced as could hear the griding noise... Left the car with them and they called me back, send me a 2 page estimate in the email to fix my breakes for $1200. Had to replace this and that and full system and...
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    Mechanics on Piece Work Are they Always Honest?

    Yesterday Iwas into Canadian Tire on Mountain Rd in Moncton for a motor vehicle inspection. The mechanic indicated that he felt there was a mechanical flaw in my vehicle. I disagreed and indicated that i would get a second opinion. I was paying the bill and as a result felt that as a customer it...
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    Customer Complaints on

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic. Here's the first installment, from last night at ---- Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious...
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    Hello and I am priveleged to have joined this awesome site.

    Glad I found this site since Canadian Tire does indeed Suck. This is an ugly company which on a daily basis writes a new high in low when it comes to customer service. Because of their repair only policy on a number of their items DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCUM BUZZARDS. I bought a pressure...
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    Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    Hi, My issue with Store going on for over 8 months, who should I contact to fix my car, I went to Canadian tire shop for oil change and boy who took my van in the shop scratched. I talk to manager she apology and buff my van which clear some minor scratches but asked me to contact manager. Talk...
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    CTC fined for gas price fixing

    I just heard this on the radio that CTC has been caught price fixing gas prices in Southern Ontario. Anyone hear this? Anyone surprised??
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    Officially the TWO worst Canadian Companies.

    Officially the TWO worst Canadian Companies: Canadian Tire and Air Canada. These two constantly appear on Marketplace and other such programs delving into consumer complaints and they usually prefer to "no comment" when pressed for an interview to correct problems.
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    Will not buy any expensive item from Canadian tire any more

    Just brought a brand new shark vacum for three days. Use it once and it did not work well due to poor design. It does not work well on hard wood floor without turnning on the power brush. But turning on the bursh will damage my hard wood floor. So try to refund it. But CT refuse to give me back...
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    CT is both good and bad

    CT has good selection of products but its service is lacking. Being screwed over by big box stores is almost a way of life these days the forum is way of letting them know what their weakness's are and hopefully fix some problems. Rules for working at CT NEVER OFFER TO HELP NEVER MAKE EYE...
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    Survey on Marketplace concludes: Canadian Tire Sucks!

    CBS reported on a recent Leger Marketing survey and on 'secret shopper' reviews of customer service in Canadian retailers. It was a close, three-way race for last place, between Canadian Tire, Zellers and Walmart. In the end, Canadian Tire sucked more than every other major Canadian retailer...
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    Frivolous legal action initiated by CTC.

    Is anyone aware of any perceived frivolous legal action iniiated by CTC?
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    Too short a time before you are logged out.

    Wow, I just spent 10 minutes typing my first thread, then went to submit it only to find that I had taken too long and had been logged out. My message was lost and I am way too pissed off to start all over again. What's your time out limit?