1. D

    Employee discounts?

    Can anyone let me know what the discounts are like? Thanks
  2. C

    Sherwood CT BAD Experience

    I usually shop at this CT store 169 Ordze Ave Sherwood Alberta , not a bad store I need Dim Light bulb for my Landrover, I went to Wye Road CT few days ago, and asked the Auto counter sales person for the bulb He checked the info and gave me H11 Bulb, I opened the Light and found that my SUV...
  3. I

    Job Application

    Well, I came across this board while looking to make a official complaint to Canadian Tire head office but since they apparently don't have a means of doing so I'll vent here. I work 9-5 but I am desperately in need of evening and weekend employment. There is a Canadian Tire right across the...
  4. S

    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
  5. Ramou

    Having to show your receipt to leave a store.

    Having to show your receipt before you can leave a store sucks. If you saw me steal something, just tell me and we'll call the cops. If not, get the #&(( out of my way. Alarms buzzing when leaving a store; I can't believe how people will look sheepish and offer their bags up for inspection like...
  6. B

    Rate my employer at Canadian Tire

    Read what former employee's say about Canadian Tire. RateMyEmployer.ca Employer ratings by employees
  7. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Tire - Sales, Installation, Service, Warranties, etc.

    It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product. Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse...
  8. B

    Hello and I am priveleged to have joined this awesome site.

    Glad I found this site since Canadian Tire does indeed Suck. This is an ugly company which on a daily basis writes a new high in low when it comes to customer service. Because of their repair only policy on a number of their items DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCUM BUZZARDS. I bought a pressure...
  9. houston39

    Crappy Tire, Marlborough Calgary AB- Another example of why CTire SUCKS!

    My mother in law went into the store and was looking for a Rival portable oven. We bought one a while ago and she wanted to purchase one as well. They didn't have the one they were looking for, the one in stock was 15qts, the one she was looking for was 18qts. Anyhow, she went and found an...
  10. E

    An Ex Ctc Mgr ... speaks the truth .

    As an ex- Ctc mgr. of over 10 years , here are some insightful suggestions for the company . 1.0 : Get rid of the dealers . Make every store corporately run . The dealers I have known are not concerned about good customer service . They are only concerned about the bottom line . Good qualified...
  11. C

    Canadian Tire Owners and Employees: Charges, Convictions, Investigations

    Lately we are hearing more and more cases where Crappy Tire owners and employees have been convicted of violating various laws, such as committing thefts and frauds, and violating various privacy laws. This is both ironic and hypocritical, given the attempts by the Crappy People to portray...
  12. C

    Fraud to Return Identical Products With Different Receipts?

    This topic keeps coming up in other threads. Maybe it deserves its own thread. In one case, a customer had two identical and unopened items. The Crappy People said it would be "fraud" to return the older item using the receipt from the newer item. However, when asked to provide something to...
  13. G

    CT employee's rudeness

    Being Canadian, we always give the Canadian company the priority over US company when we make our purchase. However, after last week's unplesant experience with CT ( store located at 2900 Major Mackenzie Dr., E., Markham, Ontario ). Now , We find it hard to keep this good intention. We...
  14. R

    Canadian Tire won't let me use my Canadian Tire Mastercard

    The chip in my credit card doesn't work. I have ordered a new one. Meantime an employee at Canadian Tire refused to swipe my card which she admitted would work. Because ......... that would leave Canada tire on the Hook for the money if I should default on my payments at any time.( those were...
  15. G

    Damaged Car My Fault??

    I was in the process of buying a vehicle and brought it to Canadian Tire in Hanmer for a mechanical. They told me to drop off the vehicle and keys and they would do it first thing in the morning. When i went to get the vehicle the next morning, there was a big dent and large scratch on the...
  16. A

    ctc corperation buy outs

    ok soo ive been working at partsource for 5 years part-time, recent my boss gave me a key to the store giveing me the resposiblities of opening ( on weekends) and closeing everytime i work and being responsible for everything while im there....without giving me better pay or a title so basically...
  17. N

    Queenway canadian tire rude and disgusting

    So it has been almost 3 months before my probation was up. So cristina me a hard worker and is 26 years old not a child!! The mangers decided to termanite me for no apparent reason with out a cos. My manger andera had told me it was not working out i had asked whats not working out 3months...
  18. N

    Queenway canadian tire rude and disscuting

    So it has been almost 3 months before my probation was up. So cristina me a hard worker and is 26 years old not a child!! The mangers decided to termanite me for no apparent reason with out a cos. My manger andera had told me it was not working out i had asked whats not working out 3months...
  19. C

    Why Do CT Defenders Post So Many Lies Here?

    I find it fascinating that those who appoint themselves as defenders of Canadian Tire on this site post so many bald-faced lies. What could their intention be? Are they simply being argumentative, and like to stir up controversy (tolls)? Do they think their bogus claims will convince future...
  20. S

    Greetings Forum

    I'm glad I found this site. As a former employee of CT (lost my job last night), I would very much like to contribute to this forum.