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It's ironic that a familiar store with the word 'tire' right in its name would do so poorly at stocking, selling, installing, servicing and providing warranties for its name-sake product.

Yet their gradual decline in the automotive field is well-known, despite their recent attempts to reverse this trend.

But their supposed efforts don't seem to be paying off, based on recent comments.

Here's one from just a few minutes ago, posted to their very own facebook 'fan' page, Canadian Tire | Facebook

Jąŷ-Sĭn Dŕűëŧt: I have an issue...i went into your winnipeg, unicity store and purchased a moto-master AW at 205-75-R15 well they installed a 205-70-R15 and well after being parked right after it was deflated because wrong tire size...well here is the big problem, not only did i sit in ur store for 3 hours i am now here another 3 hours stuck while im waiting for you ll to fix your mess up.. I dont think thia is right, 6 hours total ive wasted to buy your product and have it installed...not very good canadian tire...not good at all