Does the Marlborough Calgary AB Crappy Tire store SUCK?

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My mother in law went into the store and was looking for a Rival portable oven. We bought one a while ago and she wanted to purchase one as well.

They didn't have the one they were looking for, the one in stock was 15qts, the one she was looking for was 18qts.

Anyhow, she went and found an employee that would help her. The EE was going to call another store (to check availability) when another EE took the phone out of his hand, hangs up and says "WE DON'T DO THAT" !!

So, she asked to speak to a manager and he said the exact same thing.

What filthy bastards they are at that store, doing this to a nice old lady who wanted to purchase a $30.00 item.

A big F.U. to that shitty ass store!!

More to follow.
Sorry to hear about your mother-in-laws troubles! Customer services has gone out the window with these stores! The Owners just seem to care about their own sales/revenues and not about customers! I have experience similar issues too!

I get really irked when their flyer comes out and I go down the same day only to find out they are already sold out of the item. I wonder if they carry 1-2 of the sale item per me that is a case of false advertising.