So it has been almost 3 months before my probation was up. So cristina me a hard worker and is 26 years old not a child!! The mangers decided to termanite me for no apparent reason with out a cos. My manger andera had told me it was not working out i had asked whats not working out 3months before your probation were allow to treat you like crap its just no reason.

Now lets talk about the manger name sherri the sesonal manger pertty much treat me like crap and talking down at me like i was a child!!! So i knew she had a problem with me and i had confronted her and she had no reason to dislike me but she should not respect me i was suppose to respect her. (her words) when not approachable how can you be! Giving me dirty looks like a two year child how can someoone even talk to her. A customer was being really mean to me sherri had wrote me up a memeo because the customer was in a bad mood. Trying to talk to sherri she had
scream at me and wasnt perfessional at all. A customer needed help has i called sherri becuase it was her department looking at me and the customer she just walked right passed us customer service i think not. I have to get an employee to call her has she laughed about it. Rude and unperfessional.
Now let talk about carla the general manger how unperfessional she is. She jump to conclusion that emploees are f*** dumb in this place. She had yelled at me and an employee becuase of what manger kelly had told me that it was ok to give a customer a discount. The customer still want to speak to a manger has i page for one carla had came and told the customer that we were unable to give it to her and yell at me with out hearing myside of the story she just jumped to conclusion that our emploee r f*** dumb.