What a nightmare. I took my 95 Jeep to Exeter this time when my Life Time Muffler blew apart. They wanted over 100bucks for labour, they dropped it to 60 when I flat out refused to pay that for 20 minutes work. Well it was a little noisy on the way home but just put it down to manifold gasket that was repaired last summer. Middle of last week I was doing some body work on the old girl and found the pipe on the back of muffler had come out, guess these 300 dollar an hour mechanics were too busy to push the pipe in all the way before taking vehicale out and parking it in a fire lane. The plates and insurance ran out in the new year and these ass clowns think I should put plates and insurance on it, it's a plow truck and doesn't leave my property, and run it down to then. They can't, according to them, send up a service truck and repair it because they apparently don't have insurance on their truck. Typical Crappy Tire mentality, make the consumer jump hoops because we don't stand behind our incompetance.

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Not sure what province you are in, but Ontario has 'temporary' or 'trip' permits for getting DriveClean tests, repairs, etc.

It doesn't sound as easy to get short-term insurance, though.

At some point, you will need to take this vehicle out on the road again, for some kind of maintenance or repair - unless you want to have it towed.

You'll know next time not to trust the incompetents at Crappy Tire.

Yet another 'warranty' that's not worth the paper it's written on.
I put a temp on it to take it in last time as my trailer was unavailable and I had already made appointment.I do most of my own work so do not have to put it on the road. I just wish these clowns would correct their incompetence at their expence and not expect the customer to do all the running around. I took it in to have repair as per their warranty and since they charge 1.3 hr. for a 20 min. job they are charging about 300 dollars an hour and should act accordingly. If one of my trucks delivered a load to them and was short half the stuff I'm sure they wouldn't think of driving to Toronto to pick up the rest at their expence. p.s. They told me about 10 o'clock on the 17th that they would contact me within 24 hrs.It's now noon on 20th and , well I'm not holding my breath. Ignore the customer and he'll go away I guess.